the Pythagorean Order of Death

dedicated to restoring Atlantean Democracy


i°::“Contributor’s Club” 


open to all paying for NEXUS rites, open only to males in IOBB 7=1 or GM


The "zero" degree is entry level required for "citizenship" in Atlantis, and you can't theoretically participate in the telepathic elections and exercise your right to vote without passing this degree. From there, it goes into the 3 degrees of "Egyptian Masonry"...




iia°::"Quarriers' Guild" 


open only to Masons greater than or equal to the first degree, right proper.


iib°::"Overseers' Order" 


open only to Masons of the second degree or higher, blue lodge.


iic°::"Great Work's Architect" 


open only to Masons of the third degree, duly and truly.

Following the three degrees of "Egyptian Masonry" one can join any of the 5 "bund" political parties or sub-sects. The higher your rank in "Egyptian Masonry," the higher the rank of your role in your chosen one of the five "bund" degrees. Following initiation into "Egyptian Masonry" one sits on a "lodge bench;" however following choice of one of the 5 "bund" degrees, one may next proceed to either a religious-economic branch of the "Order of Death," or else into the political-government branch. If one sits on a "lodge bench" as 1 or these 5 in "Egyptian Masonry," one no less sits on the "board of trustees" of a bank if they choose the religious path, or sits on a "Senate bench" if they choose the path of government. The 5 "bund" parties are as such:





Grand Master::Indigo:Cube::SN:Mercury::Gemini:Virgo::Nesfesh 

Open only to Masons of the York Rite.




Open only to Masons of the Scottish Rite.




Open to the "Argentum Astrum" or outer three degrees of co-masonry (OES)




Open only to the members who are advanced into the Golden Dawn.




Open only to co-members of the OTO.


If one chooses from among the latter three "bund" parties, one may enter the "Lemurian church-bank" system of religion and economics. All of the "bund" parties are given equal representation on the "lodge bench" and the "Senate bench," but in the religious-financial "board of directors" of a Lemurian church-bank, they follow a hierarchy of ranks, each with a unique role. A church-bank of 6 members, a corporate-Monastery of 10 members, and a "Papal court" of 15 comprise the basis for the replication of the "Lemurian" church-banking system.






minimum needed to comprise a "church" = 3 RR, 2 PI, 1 BC = 6




minimum for a "monastery" = 5 RR, 3 PI, 2 BC = 10




minimum "papal court" = 7 RR, 5 PI, 3 BC = 15


If one does not wish to enter the Lemurian church-banking system, one can instead choose to enter the Atlantean Democratic government (or of course to do nothing at all). The "Atlantean Democratic" government, the de facto psychic government over the people of earth, being the hierarchy of the telepathic "Order of Death" (albeit yet unknown to them), consists of 3 branches of government: 1) a senate of 23 members; 2) a jury of 13 members; 3) 7 chief executives. The reasons for these numbers being thus are complex in the extreme and involve abstract number theory dealing with odd primes.





Senate:(3iia°*2)+(7iic°)+(13iib°)=23::salt=water/fire::"Limitless Light" 

3 "public" with 2 votes each (Masons of first degree), 7 executives (third degree), 13 congress (2nd degree)



Judiciary:(1iic°)+(12lot22)=13::sulfur=fire/air::"Without End" 

1 exec (min), all others drawn by lot from senate.



Executives:(1iia°)+(2iib°)+(3iic°)+(1X°)=7::mercury=air/water::"No Thing" 

1 Mason of the first degree, 2 second degree, 3 of the third degree and 1 pope


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