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iia°::"Quarriers' Guild"::Nyarlahotep

open only to Masons greater than or equal to the first degree, right proper.
The Grip of NyarlaHotep ritual



this is the exterior of the WATER lodge


this is the interior of the WATER lodge


this is the WATER lodge prepared for the ceremony




I. Should there be a revolt against the seven executives: let the seven convene the thirteen.


on this pedestal may it be convened:




The Grip of NyarlaHotep 


instruction: As in the first degree's ceremony, the candidate is first given the 

knowledge lecture accompanied by a brief introduction to the initiation ritual, 

delivered by their "Guide" or first initiator, who subsequently does not particpate in 

the rite proper. The introduction lecture explains the origin of the rite in pre- 

historic antiquity, introduces the characters of the rite, and gives a brief synopsis of 

what occurs in the rite. Following this the Guide asks the candidate if they have any 

questions, and then the Guide leads the candidate into the vault. 



"You have chosen to pursue the mysteries of Imhotep, to learn about Atlantean 

masonry. But are you prepared to restore it? This is a solemn truth you must prove 

yourself: to enter paradise all one must do is choose not to bring about the ends of 

mischief and chaos. If you do not follow the urge to destroy yourself and be 

resurrected in a more perfect world, you would not exist at all, but we exist to build 

up, not tear down. You must work to restore the Atlantean tradition of fair justice and 

democratic ideals to reality. You must go out and tell all your friends to tell all their 

friends the right way to achieve transcendence, though this right way will be 

different for each of them. How then can we spread the word about the good work of 

restoring Atlantean Masonry? If we perfect ourselves, those who come to us will 

already understand, and want to know more, naturally. That is the subject of this 

ritual. In order to build the pyramids, our Order recounts, ImHotep recruited the 

black magician NyarlaHotep. NyarlaHotep then raised up workers from the dead. In 

this rite you will learn how to activate your naturally negative oriented chi, or 

quanta of karma, and make them "switch on" positively. Therefore, during this rite, 

you are asked to meditate upon the level plane by day and the completed pyramids by 

night. This is to remind you of the Underworld, where tomorrow is perpetually being 



inst: once the candidate confirms their understanding of this, the Guide escorts the 

candidate into the vault. The iia° ritual begins in the same position as the i° ritual, 

with the candidate lying face-up, flat down, in the middle of the floor of the pitch- 

black vault. 



"Before the Beginning there was Nothing. A vast empty void there was not; nor was 

there a deep shadowy abyss; nor even a pitch-dark vaulted tomb. There was simply 

Nothing and that was all that existed. This was before time began. Nothingness filled 

all the highest heavens and flooded right up to the feet of God. It moved across His 

face. He breathed Nothingness in. Had it been like water, He might have drowned, but 

water had not been created yet. Instead it was Nothingness." 


inst: the lights in the vault begin to fade up slowly from the direction of the 

candidate's head, representing dawn. 



"Then God uttered the uni-verse, or one sequence of letter vibrations. This word 

became the highest heavens, and God reached out his right and left arms through the 

heavens leaving hosts of angels in their wake. He reached out into the Nothingness 

below, and it became solid in His wake. From the Nothingness, God shaped, formed, 

molded and made our world Paradise. The Nothingness that God shaved, sculpted, 

carved and cast away "fell" and became material reality." 


inst: From the direction of the candidate's feet a large, shadowy object is moving as if 

it is alive. It resembles a very large octapus, however with an unidentifiable number 

of tentacles. 



"We are told that when God first formed man, one of the angels of his making 

rebelled against God. This angel, who sat on the right hand side of God, was damned to 

"fall" with the negative matter. It is said many angels sided with this rebel, who also 

tempted Adam and Eve into exile from Paradise. In the digital world of "fallen" matter, 

some things appear to change, while others do not, things change at varied paces and 

all will change with greater rapidity until everything is utter chaos." 


"This is the key of Atlantean Masonry, may you remember it to the grave. This is the 

grip of NyarlaHotep: 


inst: the lights in the Vault suddenly all begin strobing at varied, irregular rates. The 

great, shadowy beast rushes up to the candidate with its tentacles reaching out to 

grab them. Suddenly a large yellow light representing the sun breaks across the 

black horizon in the direction of the candidate's head. The shadowy chaos beast lets 

out a blood-curdling wail and disappears in a sudden explosion of foul-smelling 

smoke. From the direction of the candidate's head a figure approaches, silhoutted in 

front of the rising sun. He is the source of the voice-over. 



"If NyarlaHotep grips you hand, you will surely be a corpse, for to feel his grip is to 

touch the timeless Nothingness. NyarlaHotep was once a black-magician. He chose to 

"fall" into the temptations of the rebel angel. He turned away from the one true God 

and made blood sacrifice to the damned pantheons. He fell into an ecstacy and he 

entered the realm of the Underworld. In this state, NyarlaHotep discovered a 

terrifying secret. He learned the desert lands west of the Nile were lush and fertile 

once. It was reduced to silt by the world-flood. In the deepest dunes of this desert now 

rest the corpses of droawned Atlanteans. Then NyarlaHotep was shown the way to 

raise the dead from the desert. When he returned from the netherworld, the infinite 

zero of the Nothingness, he immediately repented and went to live in the desert. It is 

said by bedouins they have seen him squatting in the desert eating dust. The pact 

NyarlaHotep made with the dark lord rendered him a chaos-beast, ghost monster of 



"It is to NyarlaHotep that I, ImHotep, vizier of the three kings, Cheops, Kherphren 

and Menkaure, go to make a pact with him: to give my soul to travel the Underworld 

in place of his own in exchange for him raising a quarrier's guild of dead slaves 

from the desert, all to be stamped with the sole goal of building three great tombs. It 

is I, ImHotep, who now awakens to dawn in the dune sea from dreaming slumbers of 

Nothingness, haunted by NyarlaHotep. He is near!"


inst: from the direction of the candidate's feet a hooded figure approaches. In the 

brighter light of later dawn the candidate can better see the hooded NyarlaHotep. He 

is all swaddled in rags, so that his body and limbs are entirely concealed. The guaze 

wrapped around his skin is seeping blood. NyarlaHotep limps up. From the direction 

behind the candidate's head Imhotep draws into view as well. NyarlaHotep stands at 

the candidate's feet and ImHotep stands at the candidate's head. 



"Oh wise Nyarlahotep, I know that you can read my thoughts. I understand you know 

my intentions already. Nyarlahotep, understand my wisdom. Oh wise, NyarlaHotep, I 

call you now to labour and by doing so to serve the One True God." 



"Oh foolish ImHotep, what future do you imagine you foresee? Where shall our names 

be carved on the Tombs for others we are to build. Who shall remember the workers 

once the work is done? Will you guide them back to heaven, once you have been sent 

to hell?" 



"I am called the scribe. Let me pass once through the Underworld now and then 

return to oversee building on the tombs. I will record all that I observe beyond death 

and leave it to my son PtaHotep; he will thus instruct the workers." 



"I am called the Chaos Beast, and Dweller on the Thresh-hold. Do you think you can 

stand my awful judgment for me, under the scrutiny of the Most High's All-Seeing 

Eye itself, until the mortal ends of evil in the final judgment of the material reality? 

For to answer the Call of Chthulu you must answer now. To the twin-headed Satan and 

Maloch you must pledge to be forever indebted. You must become the chaos-beast that 

I, NyarlaHotep, now am." 



"Oh mighty master of your own fate, my destiny is in the hands of the 

righteous Most High as much now as forever. I will bear your burden, but I am 

judged only by the One True God. That is my right." 



"Then you are duly and truly prepared?" 



"I am. Now NyarlaHotep, grip my hand to bind our pact."


inst: ImHotep reaches out to NyarlaHotep, but NyarlaHotep extends a bandaged 

appendage to the candidate. 


NyarlaHotep: (to candidate) 

"know my grip as you shall know a man by his deeds." 


inst: NyarlaHotep siezes the candidate and drags them to their feet. As soon as the 

candidate is standing, NyarlaHotep vanishes through a concealed trap-door, leaving 

only his outermost robes behind. ImHotep steps up to these and parts them with his 

foot to reveal a bloody knot of tentacles surrounding a single, milky eye. Then 

ImHotep turns to the candidate and grabs their hand in his. 


ImHotep: (to candidate) 

"No more is NyarlaHotep the chaos-beast. Now I summon Osiris, his immortal soul, 

into this raised corpse. For your soul's name to live forever I shall write the book of 

"coming forth into day" and the book of "what is in the Am-Duat," the "way of the 

dead," the river styx. Though all the many dead you shall raise shall each be branded 

by your own unique soul, Osiris, sigil of your aura, they will all die only one death, 

your own, and then you shall be called the king of the Underworld and Lord of the 

Dead. The slaves and my seed shall follow in our names the same way through the 

afterlife, and we will become known as great gods, even alike YHVH and elohim, they 

will always remember Thoth, soul of ImHotep, and Osiris, soul of NyarlaHotep. Now is 

the dawn arisen on this first day of the resurrected dead. Let the Righteous Most High 

judge our deeds on this day without error and may His good mercy mark our names 

down for all time as his servants. You shall go forth to raise more dead now, but I 

must journey now into the timeless Nothingness of the Underworld." 


"Go now, Lord Osiris, soul of NyarlaHotep, reach into the desert sands, as God reached 

into the Nothingness, and raise the dead. By calling the bodies of the dead Anunnaki 

to return to the labour of Atlantean Masonry, you shall earn the restoration of your 

soul, and redeem this body which belonged to Satan himself. You shall give these all 

your soul, and my son PtaHotep will elevate them to Democracy. You go to restore 

Atlantis now, and I, ImHotep, shall journey through the Underworld. When I return, 

PtaHotep will show you my ways, and then you shall lead the workers through 

transcendence into Paradise. For now we part ways, Osiris resurrected Lord of the 

Dead. Our destinies are already set in stone in the highest heavens above, behind the 

skies. Go." 


inst: while Imhotep has been speaking, the candidate's initial initiator, the Guide, has 

been sneaking up on the candidate from behind. As ImHotep finishes speaking and 

turns his back to them, the Guide takes the candidate's arm and, turning them around 

abruptly, escorts them arm-in-arm from the vault. 



"So you see that it is because of ImHotep's pact with NyarlaHotep that workers were 

raised to restore Atlantean Masonry after the flood. This is symbolic of how each of us 

now must work to restore our own "fallen" souls. We therefore turn to studying the 

"tree of life," which is like a blueprint of our finished work. Our DNA is the gross 

matter of our work, and the alignment of the chakras the tool we use to work upon 

our DNA. By perfecting our work in this way we cleanse our aura and our soul 



"Therefore, we call the art of perfecting our craft, "raising the dead." This refers to 

the transformation of our exterior environment by aligning the chakras to cause our 

DNA to obey the will of our brains. When our chakras align through the study of the 

"tree of life," our external environment will be calm and serene, a still reflection of 

our internal composure, our DNA doing the wil of our brain through its control of 

our nervous system. This is how our spirits, when "called to labour," do "good" work to 

cleanse the chi karma in our aura: we "raise the dead" nerves usually unused in our 

brains to activate our "junk" DNA. This causes the DNA to transmit the will of the 

mind directly into the qliphothic quanta of our surrounding environment. When we 

accomplish this we transcend the lower, material world, and perceive a higher, 

spiritual world beyond." 


inst: by now the Guide escorts the candidate to the door of the vault and outside into 

the ante-chambre. Here they ask the candidate if they have any questions, and if 

they fully understand. If they understand, they are considered "passed" and have 

"graduated from labour." 


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