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Comment by Jonathan Barlow Gee on February 20, 2010 at 3:44pm

the "Atlantean Alphabet"

the Atlantean Alphabet was a simple set of 5 symbols that comprised all that was known by our pre-deluvial ancestors the entire world over, but this "universal" language (based on silent telepathic communications) was lost soon after the flood, according to the religious myths, at the time of the "confusion of the tongues." Did these ideograms originally appear within the imaginations of our most ancient predecessors because of modernday ESP testing using these symbols? Could the tests have sunk deep enough into our modern component particles to reverse-influence our ancient ancestors into higher self-awareness? Such speculation is worth dwelling on.


The "dot within a circle." The circle is black on white, the "dot" inside the circle is white on white. Thus, the circle is omnipresent, but the "dot" is occult. The "dot" is the singularity or the ajna, the mind's eye. The "circle" then reflects the boundary of space, an infinite loop with an omnipresent origin. In this way, the "dot" is the line seen head-on, while the "circle" is the single line in extension from the origin.

The circle is the first human ideaogram. Variations include concentric rings (representing the moon phases and planetary orbits), spirals (representing comets and galaxies) and labyrinthe motifs (representing complex civilisation), when combined with the variegation of the cross. The circle represents ONE, while the "dot" represents ZERO. ONE was known to all who were educated to this ideaogram, however the concept of NONE was reserved for only the medicine men and the chiefs to grasp. This remains an essential staggering in the natural curve of our average evolution as a species to this day.

The "cosmic monad" or "circumpunct" was reflected early on in religious imagery in literature as the "smoking plant," the "bush that burned but was not consumed," which represented the "tree of life," or the herb that had given us sentience. Thus, the most important meaning of the "cosmonad" is the pupil lens of the EYE.


The "flyflot swastika" was the first symbol of the stem below the flower. It shows the mathematical process of addition even now, and forms the letter "t" at the start of the word "Two." The Plus Cross is a more direct design hinting at the origin point of the plane-space than even the plain circle, marking it (at an oblique "X") as the "cross-roads." The cross represents the knowledge of solar precession, with the sun at the centre of local space, and the galaxy at the core of the local universe.

The circle with a cross inside it is a symbol of Earth, and is often called "Malkuth," the Hebrew word for "kingdom." The circle on its own, particularly the "circumpunct" is a symbol of the sun, and when the sun is at the centre of the cross, it is a symbol of solar precession, which can only be measured over periods of thousands of years, thus necessitating high science and high civilisations to preserve it. When the cross is depicted alone it is symbol of the galaxy, particularly when in the standard spiral of a "yin yang," a "triskele," or a "swastika." In this event, whether the "arms" and "legs" of the flyfot reflect either a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, which in turn indicates the hemisphere of the planet the galaxy is being viewed from. From above, the Milky Way galaxy follows a clockwise spiral. From the southern hemisphere, it will appear to be a counter-clockwise spiral.


The "three rivers" reflect the level of human development at which the flood occured. We are told by the high levels of civilisation that flourished following the flood of Mesopatamia in 6000 bc that the "Gods" (the chiefs and shamans) had a much greater level of knowledge than the ordinary people at the time of the flood. According to different stories of the flood, this knowledge was lost when the Gods died in the flood, the Gods abandoned us and have left us their wisdom concealed in history, the Gods are still alive and present now, teaching their ancient wisdom from a safely disincarnate distance. The "three rivers" also represent the "fertile crescent" between the Indus and Nile river, with the twin rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates in the middle between them. We are told by ancient artefacts from the last cave-people era prior to the earliest super-civilisations that the pregnant Moon Goddess reigned as the predominant religious icon, and that the "waters" of the flood were also understood to represent her menstrual blood, drawn like a psychic tide on the moon's gravitic net, and that only when this cycle stopped was a child to be expected to follow.

The three squiggles also represent mathematical subtraction. Not only by erosion in the form of the waves they represent symbolically, but also in the image itself, which measures not only three waves, but also three peak-to-trough wavelengths on each as well. Thus, the flood is a symbol of the trinity, of the twin-bars of the cross reunited with the circle in a three-in-one / one-in-three symbol, yet concealing and only partially revealing the hidden and occluded secret of the central point of the circle representing zero. The "squiggles" thus symbolise the "emanation" or "star-fire" of three "mothers." The three squiggles also reflect the three pillars of democratic government (representative, judicial and executive),


The "square" in 2D, "cube" in 3D and "tesseract" or "hyper-cube" in 4-d are all symbols of time, the "squaring" or "exponential doubling" of the diameter of the plane-circle. It is said that Aphrodite (Venus) sprang from the head of Zeus (Jupiter), and this can be seen to reflect the manner of the exponential expansion of the dot to the line to the square-plane to the cube to the tesseract, etc. This reflects a "higher dimension" of measurement to start with than the circle, because the dot, the circle, the sphere and torus measure the line seen from head-on, as a singularity, origin-point, or dot, while the square's closest 1D component is the line seen from the side, as a length. The duality of point and line is therefore reconciled in the 3 squiggle symbol between the cross + circle motif and the square symbol of exponents. The waves are simultaneously particles (circles) and waves (lines).

The square therefore acts as the corner-stone measurement of society, measuring the perfect right angle, occuring nowhere in nature, reflecting humanity's ability to impose our ideals on nature. The square thus represents the symbol of man as perfect measure as it is written in the religious history myths, "we are made and created in the image and likeness of the one who made and created us." The box is also the antithetical symbol of the cross, such that when a cube unfolds and is flattened onto a plane, it becomes a "calvary" cross (of 6 squares, the sqastika usually has 12, the "Tau" cross has 10, etc.). Because the square extends into the cube over space, and into the tesseract over time, another symbol for the box is the "X" or sideways cross, connecting the corners, rather than the mid-points. The "X" and the "t" shaped crosses overlap to form the 8-fold Middle Way of Buddha Dharma, between the 4 Noble Truths toward transcendence from reincarnation. This "wheel of the lokas" with 8 spokes is a common symbol of Buddhism. It is a combination of the square and circle symbols.


Just as the square symbolises exponential, rather than the spherical collapse or right-angle radiative expansion of arithmetic, patterns, it is indicative of multiplication, or the addition of additions. The Pentagram Star then represents division, or the subtraction of subtractions. Its variegating interior angles and outward stellations counter-balance ten lines of the star with the ten points between these lines, to form an ideaogram that reflects the utmost height of mental evolution and civil sciences imagined by the original ancient people codifying this alphabet. It represented the five fingers on each hand, which is common to all animals as well, but especial to man as a symbol for our supremacy over nature allowed by the human thumb.

The fifth logo was the highest form of pre-deluvial theoretical science, but has been studied in secret since the time of Pythagoras. Thus, the ancients prior to Pythagoras all venerated the mysteries of the pentagram symbol. They noticed very early that 2+3=5 and that 2/3rds is the "Golden ratio," which if plotted on a line, can be repeated in a fractal to form a perfect pentagram. This shape was observed also in the sidereal rotations of the planet Venus, such that in the time it takes earth to circle the sun once, Venus has circled it five times. This correlation was made to describe the Goddess Venus as the daughter of the Moon Goddess, however this aeon was not at that time beleived to have occured. Thus, Venus became associated with the crescent circle glyph, and both became associated with the lands of the fertile crescent.


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