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i°::"Contributors' Club"::Cheops/Chephren/Menkaure

i°::"Contributors' Club"::Cheops/Chephren/Menkaure

open to all paying for NEXUS rites, open only to males in IOBB level 7=1 or GM.
"celebration of the death dream" by three kings



this is the exterior of the EARTH lodge


this is the interior of the EARTH lodge


this is the EARTH lodge prepared for the ceremony




"celebration of the death dream" by three kings 


introduction: Before the ceremony begins, a short instruction session occurs 

between the candidate and the initiator. The initiator, or "Guide," instructs the 

candidate on the history and characters of the ritual and gives a brief prelude and 

synopsis of the rite, thus: 



"the names of the three kings are Cheops, Khephren and Menkaure, who 

commissioned the pyramids at Giza, Egypt, as immense, personal tombs, according to 

exoteric, school-book history. The story told within the Order of Death, however, is 

much more detailed. According to this source, the three High Kings commissioned 

their megalithic tombs following a shared, prophetic dream. That dream is here re- 

enacted to honour the funding "contributors" behind the first monumental building 

project since the flood destroyed Atlantis. In the ritual the parts of three Guides will 

be portrayed by a single initiator. The first guide is Cheops, who passes by John the 

Apostle on entering the city of heaven. The second Guide is Khephren, who passes by 

the archangel Anael at the entrance to the courtyard of the Holy Temple. The third 

Guide is Menkaure, who passes by Metatron, God's highest angel, to go on from this 

ritual into either a pseudo-political "state" of lodge-work, a quasi-religious "church" 

of parties within the "state," or to remain at this zero degree." 


instruction: the candidate is then asked if they understand what is going to happen 

among the characters during the ceremony. Thus, duly prepared, the candidate is 

allowed to enter the shadowy recesses of the vault-room. Unseen hands help the 

candidate to lie flat down, face-up, on the floor in the middle of the pitch-black vault. 

When the Guide's voice is heard first, a spotlight above the candidate clicks on, 

shining down on them, and a bell tolls feintly from the direction of the candidate's 



Voice-Over/Guide 1: (teaching a class) 

"This is the wedding of Love and the Will, because it is written in the Book of the Law 

that: 'Love Is The Law, Love Under Will.' Look into the Book of Life and there you will 

see that the One Love rules us all. The Book of Love also describes this One Law, or 

'Law of One.' It is a considered a universal truth." 


inst: a spotlight strikes a replica of the QBLHists' "tree of life" shape. The feint bell 

tolls a second time now. 



"From this are suspended the 7 Hermetic Axioms of the Kybalion by a withering stem 

from the Tree of Life, whose three trunks conjoin the roots of Shekinah in Malkuth 

below and the two branches of the 8th and the 9th above. This Truth is: Jechidah over 

Chiah, NAM.TAR over NAM, father over son and, just so, Love Under Will."

inst: The spotlight on the "tree of life" and the one on the candidate both switch off 

simultaneously, leaving the room once more enshrouded by pitch-darkness. At the 

same time, the bell tolls a third time. At the same time the Guide lifts the candidate 

abruptly up to their feet. Then all of a sudden all lights in the room click on at once 

to reveal the candidate is standing at the top of a vast hill, looking out over a lush 

valley. In the valley we see the "tree of life" shape. Behind the candidate is a large 

wall between turreted towers to guard a city behind it. 



"Welcome, Ahki. Arise and be welcome to life after death, for you have now entered 

Jam-Rock, the Jamdom of Jah God. Hear now the sound of the death-toll, the church 

bell chimes for thee, oh recently deceased. My name is Cheops. I will guide you now. 

Come with me to the ways leading out of this world, reality, universe, place and time. 

Follow me." 


inst: the Guide takes the candidate arm-in-arm and turns them about to face the 

turreted walls fortifying the city within. As the two climb up the hill toward the 

towering, fortified walls, voices echo from within the city behind its massive, 

impenetrable walls. The Guide speaks over-top of these voices. 



"Come away from your reveries, you are being called by Dull Care, recalled to life, it 

is time now. Come away from your meditations, you are called to study at the foot of 

God. Duty calls, karma-yoga, the work of union, the Great Work calls." 


G1: (overlapping the voice-overs) 

"You must come again to the here and now, Ahki, return from the dream of the 

unconscious multiverse. It is only one moment before 'Bereshith,' the beginning. We 

must hurry. The clock already chimes the zero-hour." 


inst: the distant bell, now a little louder, chimes for a fourth time. 



"Hear it tolling, follow the sound through the clear light uphill. Ascend the ancient 

pathway of history, concealing the underground current of energy beneath. Climb 

to the top of the hill and pass the Well of Souls, font of consciousness." 


inst: the Guide leads the candidate by a well topped with a fountain. They draw near a 

large gate in one wall between two turreted towers. They step up seven, "rainbow- 

coloured" stairs to the Gate. 



"You approach now the Grand Archway, an entrance to the City of Heaven, one of the 

twelve gates around New Jerusalem, the city of God. You approach from Eden, city of 

the dead, northeast of New Jerusalem. You approach the Gate of Naftali, that is called 

Benjamin from within. This is the east/northeast gate and it is guarded by the Apostle 



inst: the guide has thus far walked the candidate arm-in-arm. Now the guide steps 

down and stands one stair behind the candidate. Around the corner steps the actor 

portraying the part of John the Apostle. 


G1: (to John) 

"Dear John, I am Cheops, a king called to fellowship and labour amongst other kings. 

Let me in now, oh dear John, the Apostle of Christ son of our Father, by this 

east/northeast Gate of Naftali entering New Jerusalem. The bell has tolled four times 

already and now it will toll a fifth." (to candidate) "Go now, I, Cheops, can follow you 

no longer." 


inst: the bell, now louder through the gateway, chimes a fifth time. At that same 

moment, John the Apostle grips the candidate's hands, their left crossing under to 

the candidate's right hand, their right crossing over to the candidate's left. In this 

strong grip the Apostle lifts and twirls the candidate across the threshold. This grip is 

called the grip of John the Apostle of Christ and called NIBIRU. 


Guide 2: (the same actor as G1) 

"Behold, Ahki. I am your guide inside the New Jerusalem. My name is Khephren. 

Follow me now." 


inst: the guide resumes walking arm-in-arm with the candidate. They wind their way 

through seemingly endless, labyrinthine city streets. 



"You have entered the city of God, New Jerusalem, by the east/north-east gate of 

Naftali, called now Benjamin, by the admittance of John, Apostle of Christ, the Prince 

of Heaven. You are approaching the church with seven sides now. We must hurry, 

for already the bell tolls a sixth time." 


inst: the bell, exceedingly loud now, tolls from just inside the church. Before the 

closed door to the outter-courtyard of the Temple stands a guard. 


G2: (to guard) 

"Quickly ISHKUR the Anunnaki, Gnostic Archon ASTAPHAIOUS, in the name of 

TUBAL-CAIN, I command you Archangel Anael, let me in. I am Khphren, the prince- 

king of king Cheops. I am sent to fellowship and labour on his behalf amongst other 

kings. Let me in now, Anael, hurry, for already the bell has chimed six times and 

soon it will toll Sabbath hour in Heaven and I will have arrived too late for the 

Apocalypse. Let me in now. Let me enter the door of Sardis to the seven-sided 



inst: the actor portraying Anael then opens the door of Sardis. The light from inside 

is even brighter than the light of New Jerusalem. 



"This is the Light that shines from inside Zion, in the Ark, inside the Holy of Holies, 

within the Inner-Temple beyond the outer-courtyard. You now stand before an entry 

onto the outer-courtyard of the Third, Spirtual Temple, called a seven-sided church, 

inside the heart of New Jerusalem, the city of God in Heaven. I, Khephren, cannot go 

on. You must go through the doorway alone." 


inst: the candidate is ushered through the doorway. Inside the courtyard's seven 

walls at the centre arises a dodecahedronal stained-glass dome. This is the Inner- 

Temple containing Zion, whose light refracts prismatically through the stained-glass 

dodecahrdon. A very large crowd of angels of pure light and spirits appearing like 

people has amassed in the courtyard around the inner-Temple. Guide 3, played by the 

same actor as Guides 1 and 2, the original initiator, comes forward and presents the 

candidate with a robe coloured white. Just then the bell tols for the seventh time. 


Guide 3: 

"My name is Menkaure. I was sent to you by my father Khphren and by his father 

Cheops. I have come to guide you within the outer-courtyard of the New Jerusalem 

Third Temple. Follow me now, please." 


inst: G3 takes the candidate arm-in-arm as before and together they move up to the 

front of the crowd, before the eastern veil of the five-sided inner-Temple. Just then 

the veil parts and out steps the archangel Metatron. He is glowing a purple, ultra- 

violet hue and wears a black robe. He is very young in appearance. 



"I speak the Truth to all of you assembled here now. I bring the True Word of God, 

king over the living and the dead. There has been a rebellion in Heaven. I come to 

bring news. Oh, Zion! Hear me, oh Zion! I have seen the fallen ones lowered and I 

have heard their eternal lament. It began when Raziel, also called Raguel, the 

archangel sent to tempt Eve in paradise by the apple and Adam after the exile by 

giving him QBLH to cease his prayer for firgiveness from God, called together the 

other 22 angels and hosts, who guard the 12 gates of New Jerusalem, the 7-sided 

courtyard and the 4 others, like Raziel, who keep watch around the Inner-Temple. He 

called them by night in Heaven, as God had only just then descended to walk in the 

Garden of Paradise. Then, at the same time as God returned to heaven to exile man and 

to curse the serpent - Shemyazza, the name "Azza," Uzza or Raziel - as Samael the 

blind, the fallen IALDABAOTH, child of Sophia, firstborn in heaven, Raziel descended 

with his treacherous confederate conspirators. Of the 22 only 6 joined him." 


"Now come closer, oh lambs of Jah and divine children, hear me tell you about how 

our Lord God did send down Christ, the son of all mankind, to descend to earth and 

there to catch and punish the fallen Light-bearer, now become an adversary to all 

God's good. Through the realm of the seven heavens Christ descended. Through the 

Ophanim permutations of Baal-Shem He descended. Christ conquered all the rebel 

angels turned to demonic vallainy who fought amongst and against their arch- 

angelic and loyal brethren of Spledour and Victory in one fell swoop. Then Christ 

lowered himself further still, past the 12 mobile Aeons and past the 7 spheres, and 

clutched ahold of Samael, the Torturous serpent, on earth below. With Satan in-hand, 

Christ descended into the very shards of the Qliphoth themselves. To rule over the 

Wasteland of Tohu and Bohu was the devil sent by Christ, and to the realms of Sheol 

and Gihenna were all of his minions dispatched. Oh, the fallen Grigori have I beheld 

with my own eyes, and on their behalf did I myself pray for amnesty. Christ told of 

how Sabaoth, the soul of Saklas, the spirit of IALDABAOTH, did repent. God then 

promised Satan that once every millennium upon earth the devil shall be released 

from Hell to tempt himself and all the saved into betraying their repentance. That 

time on earth is now." 


"Those who arrived by the six bell's chime are hereby called to labour. 4 lodges that 

practise the 3 degrees of Imhotep you shall convene, and a fifth open to the public. 

In your 4 lodges you shall appoint 5 officers to stations, and there will be three open 

seats in the public lodge. These 5 stations will be equivalent to 5 political parties. The 

combination of all 5 lodges' 23 total members is to be called the Atlantean Senate." 

"Those who arrived after the 7th toll are hereby called to fellowship. First we must 

convene the five political parties equivalent to the 5 officers' stations in each lodge. 

These can initiate independently of the lodges, and combine to form churches 

equivalent to lodges and monasteries equivalent to the Senate. From candidates in 

monasteries elected by the churches the Senate will appoint a pope. The pope can 

then convene a standing court." 


inst: the crowd begin to divide themselves into two groups. The one forming in the 

north all don blue vestments, those in the south red. 



"Because you have arrived just as the bell tolled seven, you may choose either group 

to go with. Those angels in blue shall stay here in the outer courtyard to minister in 

the seven-sided church. Those spirits in red shall enter the Inner-Temple to work 

the lodges and convene the Senate in Heaven on earth. All of us will work together, 

with no secrets left unshared by any that relate to the work of us all." 

inst: this concludes the ritual of the dream. The "eye" of the Vault door is then opened 

and the candidate is escorted out. In the ante-chambre of the Vault the initiator 

explains the ceremony again to the initiate and asks them if they fully understand. 



"So you see that the lodges practise three degrees of initiation, corresponding to 

Eden, New Jerusalem and the outer-courtyard of the Third Temple, and that these 

rituals date back to the three ranks of Stone Masons of the Great Pyramids 

commissioned by the 3 kings, Cheops, Khephren and Menkaure. In the three rituals 

corresponding to these three degrees, a candidate learns the secrets of the priest- 

craft allegorically, following the punishments of Raziel's co-conspirators as the 

killers of Hiram, Grand Architect on the First Temple of God on Earth. Likewise, the 

five continents each has its own form of religion (Egypto-Sumerian, meso-American, 

Indo-Asian, middle-eastern/ European, and indigenous Aboriginal), and these all 

teach the way to perfect the soul through a Masonic art. The secrets of each way are 

taught through the rituals of the other." 


"The Apocalypse is now, when Satan tempts mankind away from these matters to 

pursue a merely venally satisfying existence. Therefore, do not be like a drone. Yours 

is now the One Law of 'Do What Thou Wilt.' You may choose either path to purse, or 

neither. You may choose to teach all this to others, or to only pursue it silently. You 

may even choose to ignore all these affairs and live according to carnal needs alone." 

"For because of that dream, the three Great Pyramids were built as a testimony for us 

all before eternity. Thus all that is may enter heaven. For heaven is forgiving of all 

sin beyond even the limits of our imaginations. All enters heaven eventually by 

nature alone. But we may choose the goals that give cause to our existence. Now, this 

choice is before you. Do you understand the roles of the two options involved? Do you 

wish to side with either, or neither, or both? If you do not understand, now all 

answers can be given to you. Ask anything, or choose, now." 


The choice is before you. 


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