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Jonathan Barlow Gee :: founder of the POD.

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"New, simplified: (find all your questions answered here!)"
Dec 8, 2023
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"the Metaphysicians’ Desk Reference by: Rev Jonathan Barlow Gee (2023)…"
Apr 4, 2023
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Aug 4, 2022
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Dec 15, 2021
Kyle Kloud Creviston commented on Jonathan Barlow Gee's blog post POD Mission Report: March, 2021.
"I myself would again like to take up a more active role if we are going forward in earnest. I have an idea for what I call Project PODIUM. Proliferation of Ontologically Dangerous Ideas Usurping the Mainstream"
Dec 8, 2021
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Dec 8, 2021
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""the POD-cast" episode 002, Saturday at 1 AM, an AMA for all those in the eastern hemisphere."
Sep 22, 2021
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The POD-cast 001:: JBG AMA: 01

an interactive live-stream and digital chat forQuestions & Answers with Rev. Jonathan Barlow Gee.
Sep 1, 2021
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May 23, 2021
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May 13, 2021
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Aeon Byte #501: Jonathan Barlow Gee (complete & unedited)

Reverend Jonathan Barlow Gee is a 43 year old author of over 50 books, all offered as free pdfs online. His main work, the "metaphysicians' desk reference" h...
Apr 2, 2021
Jonathan Barlow Gee posted a blog post

POD Mission Report: March, 2021.

POD Mission Report:March, 2021.By: Jonathan Barlow GeeIntroduction:: A Brief Apology For The Long DelayAloha,It’s been a decade (2011 [1] on POD dot Ning) since I’ve updated the POD with its “annual” Mission Report and half a decade (2017 [2] on the POD FB group) since I’ve released so much as a “State of the POD recap” address (the same year I temporarily retooled the POD FB group as a “school for mutants” [3]). Rightfully, the members of the POD - both the elder, less current and newer, more…See More
Mar 18, 2021
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Mar 18, 2021
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The Pythagorean Order of Death and Neo-Sethianism

We journey from Atlantis to modern times to understand two competing ideologies that define humanity’s struggle across history. This investigation unearths t...
Mar 4, 2021
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Jan 4, 2020
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Mar 14, 2019
Jonathan Barlow Gee posted a video

All possible pythagorean triples, visualized

The pythagorean triples like (3, 4, 5), (5, 12, 13), etc. all follow a nice pattern which complex numbers expose in a beautiful way. Special thanks to the fo...
Feb 12, 2019

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Comment Wall (16 comments)

At 6:00am on September 17, 2010, Blueskies said…
I so enjoy your work, i was reading ya book this morn when this friend request came thru..Bless ya.
At 7:04am on September 25, 2010, Blueskies said…
You are a busy chap so never mind me. Im just attempting to absorb this information, its kinda exciting and ever so interesting. I use Scribd and have read a number of your articles and posts, just blinkin ace..
Blessings from The Shires;)
At 12:48pm on July 7, 2011, sicksince said…

Good to know i can still find you here , peace §§


At 12:58pm on July 7, 2011, Diana PurpleBliss said…
:) I knew you'd (re-)open one other door again, really good to know, Peace Love & Light to you Jon
At 2:24pm on July 7, 2011, Diana PurpleBliss said…
oh damn ... I knew something was going on, but didn't know what exactly, so yeah I'm glad you're here, and I won't be a stranger! Promise :) opening doors or windows, don't matter, just make sure you notice when the sun shines ... and every rainbow too ;)
At 3:23am on July 8, 2011, Diana PurpleBliss said…
"Life can be so nice, wonderful world sweet paradise" (Prince, Under The Cherry Moon - Parade album) <= first thing that came to mind when I was reading your lines this morning, haha, you know I'm a purplefied soul, can't help it, lol, can't find the vid link but listen to the song when you get a chance :) And yes I agree, no God is not to blame! I had my struggles with the world and life and love and the macrocosm and the microcosm too, still do, sometimes, didn't know how to position myself in none of those small spaces, took a seat, didn't feel comfortable, got up again, wandering around, wondering about ... this ... and that ... til I found out that there's really no-one to blame, and if so, then only the one that I saw in the mirror bearing my very name, haha, this realization made me laugh ... so hard ... couldn't stop, still can't, at least a smile or two :) ... :) :) some of the "spirits floating around" said 'It's ok Diana, go ahead, say your name, you're the one to blame' ... huh what? HAHAHA alrighty then, if yall say so, but from then on (and I still don't know exactly how to explain this, I'm sure there is a million and none explanations for it from a pseudo-psychological point of view cause they have one for everything) 'life' started becoming 'nice' again! So easy huh? ;) it's not, but it could be, there's is a possibility for "EVERYTHING" and "EVERYTHING" happens for a reason, good or bad, that's just overrated labels put on "everything" to charge it with positive or negative energy that we all too often let be controlled by anybody and everybody else but ourselves (and maybe the other person(s) concerned) ... oh well, haha, now you got me rambling .... I wish you a good morning and hope you did not have no ugly water flood dreams, I haven't had any in a while, but they keep returning every now and then, Peace out to you Jon, always ...D. oh and hey, PS: you should come visit us here in Germany some time, seriously :)
At 3:58am on August 21, 2011, Lizzy said…
It DOES make my head look smaller.  LOL!!!  Good one man.  :)
At 9:38pm on February 14, 2012, James Kelly said…

Aloha Jon,

I just wanted you to know how much I truly appreeciate your genuine Friendship.

I also really enjoyed our last chat conversation and I really look forward to many more, soon..



At 1:20am on March 19, 2012, James Kelly said…

Hey Jon, enjoyed your latest correspondence, which mostly coincide with my own intuitive Luminessence, mirroring many of my own seldom expressed assumptions and introspections regarding a similar receptive understanding of the multi-knowable planes of the spiritual-biological modes of our greater spectrum of eternal scope of soulful existence.

 I gave up on rote-materialism, "ages" ago.. LOL

Looking forwards to elucdating much more directly, in spontaneous mutual conversation,



At 11:19pm on August 27, 2012, 12 STAR G3N3RaL said…

Jonathon Gee.

It is seldom in life that we read works, feel empowered, gain insight (filled with gratitude) and actually get to thank the author or artist/producer. You sir have put forth great labour, a myriad of "Great Works"  and i found you on youtube one day. I have learned so much form you. Everywhere i go i share your work and i just know the 100th monkey effect with all our contributions, we PHϕ spiral up in consciousness states, perfecting our numbers of PHϕ (PH level and I, hmmmm just clicked on that)O.o squaring our circles. 


Moving forward... I was very happy to see you have a Ning site and your info here that you share is just fantastic. I am happy to be a part of this. I am happy to thank one of the men whom have helped me dephine myself and my place in this illusionary universe through works of knowledge. I had seen shadows on the wall and then i stepped out of the cave, the light out here is breathtaking. 




Jason ☾


At 10:34pm on January 19, 2013, James Staples VI said…

Hi, Jonathan,  i have accepted your request- finally, sorry it took so long, my life has been quite upside down and my pursuits have been very underfire. Hopefully, i have finally changed this.

hey, today I recieved an email from someone purporting to be in this site and requested to ask me questions and learn etc.  i accepted him and replied to his email.

his "name" is  Amunu Mensah, and he replied claiming he was representing someone who had died and left millions yadayada, and proceded to explain hw i can get my hands on the cash if I would only help him. The typical Nigerian inheritance scam.  Since he used this forum, ( or claimed to as he used a pythgoreanorderofdeath email address) I figured you may want to know about this so as to maybe apprise other site members of this clown and maybe find and weed him out.  He used the following email

Pythagorean Order Of Death

At 12:52pm on February 26, 2013, Jarrett Gornto said…
hey jhon .. i wrote again about whats wrong with the way we spend our money .. not only do people need to k now what it is . theres also a correct way to achieve correct results .. its called political dominuminus .. or proper political structure . look at the social prespective of what we call saviors .. prisoners arent members of society so why should they take our jobs .. just like this international license crap .. ain sophur .. ain soph alloha
At 11:05pm on March 21, 2013, blakefalling said…

Thanks Jon, hopefully I will find what im looking for on this site.

At 10:55pm on July 4, 2013, 12 STAR G3N3RaL said…

A Sirius Aloha ! =)

At 9:06pm on December 27, 2013, Bambino Machievelli said…

Sorry I am not more active.

At 8:07am on March 23, 2015, Peter Moon said…

I have enjoyed your podcasts and the way you have broken down the sigil - at least to the extent you have. The next step (and I believe this has been in progress for some time) is to move it into holographic representation. I look forward to reviewing more of your work.

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