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At 2:13pm on July 7, 2011, Jonathan Barlow Gee said…
word Sister Diana. I am glad to be here. I was ripped on some lorazepam and some hapless facebooker dialed the local pd on me. I was hauled off to the nut house, for a fifth time. I should have a forwarding snail address there. Well, a new door or window or something is now opening for my mind's eye. I see a strange new horizon. I need to start thinking more in terms of thousand year intervals, aeons even. My petty personal problems are only holding me back. Glad to talk to you on here. Don't be a stranger, yah? PEACE! - Jon
At 10:09pm on July 7, 2011, Jonathan Barlow Gee said…
aloha Diana! It is nearly midnight here, so probably morning there. I think about the surface of earth's orb turned to the sun or away often. I am glad to still hear from you and Sicks across the shadowed pond. Here all is quiet, still, bugs are buzzing. Earth is a nice place. I can't blame God for making me crazy, but I can blame the urban sprawl. Sorry, just rambling now. Hope you are having a good morning; hope I don't dream about the flood again. PEACE. - Jon
At 11:53am on July 8, 2011, Jonathan Barlow Gee said…

Aloha, D! Thank you, sincerely, for the invite. It's scary to think Germany has a better situation now, economically and in terms of the dignity of human liberty, than even the USA now. But this landmass is about to undergo a big change. It's hard for us, here, to have the objectivity to predict what will come next. Personally, I've always thought the next part of the Plan would follow from behind the doors of occult esoteric schools, the Mason's "Lodge Door" opening to reveal the "L'Age Dor," the age of gold to follow the Kali Yuga's agonizing ending. But I've never done the rituals myself. I intuit the new solution to the old problems does not need to be a personal transformative ceremony. Nor, though some think so, a collective initiation ritual (ala BlueBeam, the end-time scenarios, etc.). But I do believe in the importance for a global society of the knowledge lectures that follow the personal mind-expanding ceremonies. Not the religious experience, but the practical political aspect must be applied to next.


I'll tell you about the dream I had last night while it was raining. I was at a club, my friends were there, both old and lost as well as new and true. It was a concert, my friends in the reggae band were performing. All my friends were there, and many people I didn't know, but who were eager to flirt with me. At first I was nervous, to flirt with strangers in front of my friends, but I grew fond of a particularly ugly faced Chinese girl I met. I went to get us some beers (even though I do not drink anymore), and when I came back she was gone. I drank the beers alone, watching the show, then after a little while I went outside into the gravel parking lot. Some old friends were there, and flirting with some other new friends. So strange, it seemed, to be surrounded by so much flirtation. Then I looked up at the sky. The stars began to spin. Then they began to vacuum up into a spiral. Then the spiral expanded, and darkness engulfed it.

At 12:04pm on July 8, 2011, Jonathan Barlow Gee said…
strange sights began to appear in the darkened space. People were pointing here and there, astounded at the sights they were seeing. It was like a laser-light show, projecting twisting grids and flashing mathematical equations. Some people were panicking, but I remained calm. I felt as though I had seen this happen before. People were grabbing at my sleeves and running around. I spoke up to some of them, and said, "we have to save the president." Some listened, and began to follow me, and our group began sneaking through the hushed riot of awe-struck onlookers. The president was in Miami, Florida, giving a lecture to an assembled group of important national leaders. But as we started to leave the parking lot, to find a van to drive there, I spotted the Chinese girl I had been talking to. She was passed out in the passenger seat of a car, the driver's door left open. In the middle-console were a pile of "crack" rocks (though they looked more like petrified amber or citrine). I woke the girl up, though she was drowsy. As she was coming to while I dragged her to her feet, she took the rocks and put them in my left shirt pocket. She put a few in her mouth and ate them. She told me to eat them too, they would help me, so I ate one. Suddenly, John Cusack appeared as if a ghost, and spoke the line from the movie "2012" (by Roland Emmerich), "when they tell you everything is alright, that is when you panic!" The next thing I knew, I was driving a van around a corner toward a glass walled office building, where the president had been giving his speech. I crashed the van through the glass wall, and then the dream ended, and I woke up.

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