the Pythagorean Order of Death

dedicated to restoring Atlantean Democracy


Senate:(3iia°*2)+(7iic°)+(13iib°)=23::salt=water/fire::"Limitless Light"
3 "public" with 2 votes each (Masons of first degree), 7 executives (third degree), 13 congress (2nd degree)

23 an openning prayer

My God, let us be delivered from fear.

We have convened this meeting on each point of the senate star.

Each of us is here! Salutations, Areopagites! 23!

may we never fear the seven who hold our funds in their hands. Though their proffers should equal between only they seven themselves all the rest of our sixteen coffers combined, lo, though we need not fear them. For we outnumber them twice over, and thus overpower them.

So, we say, in session now, may the seven be allowed to enter, and let the purse-strings be not stingy for the agenda that we here decree.

May God protect us and forgive our sins.


Voting Rights of the Pope (how to appoint a pope part 1)

6/1 : pope can abstain only
5/2 : pope can vote only
4/3 : pope can veto/pass
3/4 : pope can veto/pass
2/5 :pope can vote only
1/6 : pope can abstain only

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