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Heaven's language is reality backwards. Each event is a letter. The cosmos speaks forward, and heaven thinks in reverse. Time is heaven thinking. As events move forward, time moves in reverse. Time is the language of the cosmos. Heaven is the mind of the cosmos or Universal All. The reason language exists is to convey information. The fact time is the language of heaven implies not only that heaven is elsewhere above our cosmos, but that God originates from somewhere else beyond as well. Because the comsos speaks the language of events over time in the reverse order they are thought of in heaven, events in our cosmos occur in the order they do because they have been arranged into the exact opposite order in the mind of our cosmos, heaven, where they were originally thought. Now, because our actions are the speach of our thoughts, and our thoughts originate in heaven, our actions invert our thoughts from idea into manifested reality, which means that by our deeds we make our thoughts real. Thus, the cosmos is the deed that makes the thought of time into reality, and thus, by our cosmos comprising a manifestation of actions like speach comprises a message, the arrangement of the order of events that occur in our cosmos implies not only that thoughts originate beyond the cosmos in heaven, but that all that which exists within manifest reality, our entire cosmos of matter-energy, changes over time in order to embody a message. Now, a message is a series of specific words, each comrpised of letters. If one event in the cosmos occurs, it is a letter, and thus the "message" of the cosmos would be all events that do occur within the cosmos over all the time it exists. If we say, "an event is a letter," we imply, as with the shaping of letters into words, that one event (however unique) can occur not only more than once (ever), but can re-occur in any other variety of contextual setting or numbers of spelling in words. However, the ideas words convey, when expressed as writing, imply that an event, like a letter, can occur in any number of other words, or series of events. Because manifestation exists as a method of expressing our inner-thoughts through actions, that is, to make them become real in the sense of separate solid sediments left to history over time by our minds now, ie. as artifacts produced through our actions symbolising our thoughts, we can say also that our thoughts are an "inversion" or reflection of our actions in the opposite order of time. Our thoughts are "negentropic" while manifestation of all the matter-energy in our entire cosmos is entropic; in other words, we think first, then act, and thus are sentient (aware we are alive), but all the rest of matter exists as inanimate (is not capable of self-movement) and less and less self-aware substances than our own biological electro-chemical brains. For example, a tree is inanimate and less self-aware than an animal, and a rock less so than a tree, etc. according to the measurement of self-awareness (sentience) as self-movement. Thus, also, we, or rather, our bodies, are less self-aware than our minds themselves, because our biological tissue is motivated (through the brain) by them. For this reason, historical theories about the after-life abound, where thoughts in minds outlive the physical tissues of the brain of the body that was thinking them. This leads to the concept of "intellectual off-spring," or the expressions of thoughts through manifestation as "art," or the creation of the body's brain's inner-self's thoughts as a reflection in matter. Thus, the comsos is an expression, a manifestation, of the mind of God, whose thoughts in heaven order the events of matter-energy in our cosmos. Just as our own thoughts animate our physical, biological bodies to express ourselves, so too is all that is brought into being in a specific order of events due to the intentional will of its creator. Thus, God is the mind of our cosmos, whose thoughts in heaven are written down in the reverse order before the events in our cosmos occur in entropic order, and because of time being the language of the thoughts of God, we can learn to "read" time and thus the thoughts of God by thinking for ourselves. Our minds are "negentropic," as is time, the language of heaven's thoughts within the mind of God. Matter is "entropic," meaning it proceeds to decay and die out over time. The mind is more like "God" because God is that which pre-existed, exists now, and will out-live all that which is within our entire cosmos or local-universe. We call the mind's immortality a soul, and God's eternity we call his "spirit." When our mind is reading the thoughts of time, our soul is in heaven, and our spirit aligned with the will of God. The thoughts of time are "negentropic," or occur (before and) in the opposite order of events in the manifested material reality. The best thoughts are those on how to create "intellectual off-spring" to allow one's own thoughts a manifestation into which to portion off and thus to out-live even one's own biological body. Creations by our own minds are limited as to what materials we can express them in, and thus to their duration of permanence as a contribution to history, while the creation of reality as an ordering of events of all matter in the cosmos over all time occurs as the self-expression by God of His message, His plan for how each thing will end, etc. Thus, when we "read time," we "read God's mind," and, when we do so, by seeing the signs God placed before our bodily lives began to guide us while we live, we can begin to better express the truth about His plans for the futures and end of all things. When we do this, our mind is one with God's mind, our own ego steps aside, and our actions of self-expression begin to become better like God's own design. This means that, the less we interfere with our own interpretation of reality's message, the less constrained by materials for self-expression will our bodies become, and thus the more long-lasting our sedimentary contributions to history can be over time. In short, once we realise we, our own minds, are just pin-holes for the future to express itself through the lens of time that is the present from its place recessed into the past, then the more miraculous the feats of our self-expression can become. Just as an eye's pupil dilates wider and wider, and more light from outside is let in, the more equal to the task of surviving all time our own mind will become, as we will be able to balance within our mind thoughts equal to the deeds necessary to accomplish monumental feats or miracles. In short, the "higher minded" the brain in the body's thoughts are is measured by the height of their own ideas relative to their own ideals. If their ideas are low, but their ideals high, they have a long life-line. When the distance between their own ideas and their ideals is short, their life-line is short. So, their life-line is also long if their ideas and ideals are both extended to a much higher height than on average. This is the "light without heat" or "Greater Light" that is the mind of God, as opposed to the "spark" of the soul, or the "lesser light" below the speed-limit of photons. Regardless of how one interprets them, the events that occur in the reality of the cosmos outside our own biological body's ability to influence as self-expressed manifestations do occur, and do so in the order they do due to the existence of God as a mind thinking them up with their outcomes first, and then manifesting or materialising them with their ends last. Thus, we are the signs of the times relative to one another depending on how we choose to express ourselves, from the unform of our clothing to the deeds of our hands, what we grasp as a tool, toy or weapon, and we use to accomplish other, larger deeds in reality. Just as our own creativity expresses itself using tools (to create), toys (to reapiror to retire) and weapons (to destory), so too does God create one thing first in order to be able to make a second thing from it. Thus, in our mind's plan for them, our creations occur in the reverse order, or ends before means, alike as in the mind of God, however, our own bodies are limited by materials, whereas the mind of God can make real all things, even more than we can only imagine. We can thus imagine that, because our actions are the words of God, our lives the language of time, and our minds thinking the thoughts of heaven, all things are possible for the body, or the ego, because the self that one experiences is God, because the mind can imagine more than reality provides material to allow to occur, however this may only be imagined, yet cannot be tested for proof within reality. Yet, unlike God, the more limited our own thoughts become the less space to manifest and time in which to do so we may have to call our own. Because God's mind is from beyond all that which is, or rather, His body is our cosmos, and thus, in the same sense as our own self is thinking the mind of God, the language of time spoken in our cosmos is His message, yet beyond even God's self-expression as the reality of our cosmos, there would also have to exist an entire higher reality, implying a prior source for His mental language, knowledge of his own hands as tools for creation-preservation or destruction, and even other Gods. However this is also only imaginary, just as the notion that anyone's mind is already and automatically in tune to the mind of the One True God's mode of thinking. Just as within His own mind God imagines our cosmos to exist, only in reverse from the order of entropy, and then he builds our cosmos as a self-expression of that thought using matter and energy, it is matter and energy that exist outside of and beyond even the mind of God. Just as the mind of God extends around our own cosmos as His creation, or manifestation, as our whole cosmos is God's "intellectual offspring," God's message will be outlived by the language of time, but God will outlive even that, and likewise there are no other Gods. Even God may imagine more than He can manifest or make real, and this would constitute the existence of other Gods, capable of also using matter-energy to express their own cosmic messages, or to create their own similarly matter-energy universes beyond our own, where the same events may occur in any other number of different orders. But in such a world, where time is spoken by more than one God, our universe would not only not be unique - because eventually within any bound system or closed-circuit feed-back loop any pattern will repeat, and language as time, a series of events, where our own cosmos manifests events in a certain order - but it would only be one message delivered among many others, and this would imply an omni-God would have to exist in the origin of the language, even before the other, demi-Gods, began to exist to form different universes as their own messages for time. In short, time would be higher than our God, and the One God would be higher than Time. However, this is not the case; beyond our own universe, aside from as imagined within the mind of our own cosmic creator God, there do not exist Other Gods over other universes, nor any God over or above our own God, who imagines our own universe as well, yet whom makes our real, while leaving the others He could imagine to another time. After our own cosmos ends, when all matter in it is burnt off into energy, another, new universe begins, and so the "message of God" that is told in the "language of time" never ends, never exhausts its supply of possible events as letters in the language of its vocabulary, and thus, even though there is only One True God, He creates, over time, many cosmoses besides our own. All that which has been, will be, and is created with matter-energy exists within Heaven, the mind of God, spoken of in the language of time. Over time the one God makes many cosmoses, yet the One True God makes all cosmoses, even repeats, over all time. Our God, the one true God, the most high God, etc., is the only God that exists over all time. The God in whom our own bodies exist now is alone over all other possible cosmoses.

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