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iic°::"Great Work's Architect"::Imhotep

open only to Masons of the third degree, duly and truly.
The Optical Illusion of ImHotep



this is the exterior of the FIRE lodge


this is the interior of the FIRE lodge


this is the FIRE lodge prepared for the ceremony




III. by five may all this be controlled to any outcome. for four cannot abide unless fifthed.
so six cannot abide unless seventhed.
nor twelve unless thirteenthed.
we are five / we add two /
we are seven / we add six /
we are thirteen / we add ten /
we are twenty-three.
Should five be revolved in seven
then eighteen judge the five.
Should seven be revolved in thirteen
then sixteen judge the seven.
Should thirteen be revolved in twenty-three
then the thirteen judge the ten.
Should seven wisely guide in twenty-three
then the thirteen do not convene.
three "love" two, "two" weds "one"
the three are unknown in the five.
four "rule" seven / seven is "underneath" five
five within seven are unknown to the seven
seven has "power over" thirteen
seven within thirteen are unknown to the thirteen
thirteen can "investigate" twenty-three
the thirteen are drawn by lot from the twenty-three.
twnety three is "thrice" five plus five times one plus three.
Twenty-four men rule this country, paL.
twenty-three magistrates and me.


By the Pillar of Three, So Mote It Be.



The Optical Illusion of ImHotep 


instruction: before being led into the vault where the initiation ritual will occur, the 

candidate is first prepared in the ante-chambre by an iniatiator of no less rank than 

this iic°, who explains to the candidate the background history behind, the 

characters involved in, and the events portrayed by the iic° iniatiation ritual, thus: 



"In the contributor's degree we learned about the dream that Cheops, Khephren and 

Menkaure had about heaven. In the iia° of the symbolic series, we learned how 

ImHotep, the 3 kings' vizier, comissioned NyarlaHotep to conscript workers to build 

the monumental tombs envisioned by the 3 kings. In the iib° that followed, we saw 

how NyarlaHotep attempted to betray and murder ImHotep. Although these events 

have, thus far, been presented as true, we understand they are not necessarily 

factually accurate. In this iic° we will learn what parts of this story are not factually 

accurate. But we must remember that what we have learned, though historically 

fictional, is only symbolic of a greater truth. Truth is infinitely greater than fact and 

fiction combined, and just so is the One True God greater than all creation. Although 

we can use geometry as a tool to accurately represent measurements greater than 

even the entire known universe, we must realise knowledge of such does not raise us 

to be equal with God. By such knowledge added to such humility we grow wise with 

understanding, and so may do God's work, thus earning His just rewards, these 

rewards themselves are known only by God, and are not ours unless given to us by 

Him. Thus, we will now learn how ImHotep discovered the truth of God greater than 

all the falsehoods and facts of his creation." 


instruction: The Guide asks the candidate if they understand, and, if the candidate 

confirms they do, then the Guide escorts the candidate to and through the door of the 

Vault. Once inside the Vault, the Guide closes the door behind them and leaves the 

candidate alone in the pitch-darkness. After a moment has passed, a deep, booming 

voice spreaks, representing Metatron, the voice of God. 



"You have failed me ImHotep. To serve the desire for immortality in history did you 

commit necromancy for three hethen kings. You may have believed I would judge 

your deed only by its results, and not as the deed itself. Your motives may be just, but 

if you do wrong to accomplish what is right you serve neither wrong nor right. 

Because to do right you can do no wrong, then by doing wrong for the right reasons, 

you only plant poison seed." 


"Communication between the living and the dead is indeed possible. Even bringing a 

dead body back to life. But by doing so we are removing their souls from the path of 

evolution towards heaven. You did not know that your corpse workers needed their 

own souls. You sought to make them all alike using only a single soul, thus making 

the one an archetype above the others. But all things alive are individual and unique 

by nature. By giving the quarriers oversight and teaching them what is right, you 

have drawn out a unique soul in each, and these, being not born but brought to life 

artificially, had to come from souls already evolved past death who volunteered to 

return to life. What you cannot foresee is how these superior souls, tainted by their 

dead flesh, will eventually turn against you. History, therefore, shall remember their 

deed as immortal, but they themselves must be destoryed utterly. Therefore, you will 

only be remembed to the degree you accomplish that, because your deed can only be 

justified by their liberation. You must undo your deed of evil by freeing the ones who 

accomplish good on your behalf. If flesh is their prison, or if it is Egypt's 

Underworld, you and your seed shall lead them to liberation until the final day, and 

that is my Commandment to you." 


"ImHotep, this is what you must do for your workers: you must mummify their 

corpses and then wait for them to desicate, each buried beneath a pyramid, 

underground. Your offspring shall then dig up the mummified workers and burn 

their bodies into ash. The ash must be mixed with water. The offspring of your 

offspring must then make 72 clay pots out of these ashes of the workers and bury 

them beneath the surface of the Dead Sea. Inside these clay pots will dwell the 

workers' souls. Your offsprings' offsprings' offspring must then dig these up, for 

inside them will be found writings, directions on what next to do with these souls. I 

will tell you that, by their right interpretation, the heavens will be opened up before 

all, and all creation will be revealed. More than this I cannot tell you, ImHotep, 

because of your servitude to these three hethen kings, though your heart was right, 

your deed was wrong. Now the great pyramids will be forever falsely remembered as 

tombs until judgment day. For only by freeing the workers' souls from their bodies 

utterly will your offspring open the gates of heaven before the eyes of all. These 

souls are my self-selected fallen angels, but they shall be the redemption of all 

mankind. They willl teach everyone what you have taught them, and so the curse of 

humanity, QBLH, will have survived the flood and destruction of Enoch's Atlantis. 

Because of your deed the temptation of Adam by Raziel will continue to be manifest as 

ignorant blindness among some and true insight among only the few, until judgment 

day. Only then will I send my own son, Christ, to welcome all humanity back into 

paradise who turn away from all falsehoods and temptations to ignore the lessons of 

their history. If was for the seven Archons' powers that the 12 Archons fell, and so 

the flood destroyed Atlantis. But I tell you the 12 Archons only fell to the powers of 7 

because of you, ImHotep. For you practised Necromancy to raise the powers of the 7 

Archons, to anoint the dead with one new soul. By raising the dead you reincarnated 

souls. When these souls are finally freed, on judgment day, then the temptation of 

Adam by Raziel will finally be forgiven of everyone living and dead. Understand 

now, ImHotep, that only then will they all be forgiven and until then all existence, 

my entire creation, will remain the purgatory of all souls. ImHotep, the mind is the 

soul. ImHotep, wake up. ImHotep, arise." 


inst: suddenly a rift opens in front of the candidate, whose eyes have by now grown 

accustomed to the dark. At first a blinding light shines through. As the candidates 

eyes begin to adapt, they can make out that the rift is the Jacob's ladder of electricity 

arising between the twin stele from the preceding iib°'s ritual ceremony. On the far 

side of the rift appears PtaHotep standing just behind NyarlaHotep, who appears like 

a mummified reptilian humanoid. Suddenly, from behind the candidate comes the 

voice of the guide, who snuck in behind them when the candidate first entered the 




"It is I, NyarlaHotep. It is, PtaHotep. It is I, Imhotep returned from beyond t he grave, 

in the realms of Nothingness beyond even the Underworld. I have come back from 

beyond the Abyss that outstretches the deepest neteher-realms. Bow now, my son, 

bow before your father who has conquered an eternity. Bow now, you traitor, for 

either way this chaos-beast's form is once more your fate for your treachery against 



inst: the Guide then grips the candidate on the shoulder, surprising them as much as 

possible, and quickly turns the candidate around away from the spectacle of the rift 

and escorts them hurriedly out of the vault and into the ante-chambre. 



"So you see now how the ancient saying about looking long into the Abyss, that it 

looks long into us, has a double-meaning for we initiates of the third degree. To clone 

a body is to summon a soul, and to resurrect the dead is to reincarnate souls. In the 

east this was believed perpetual and in the west associated with Judgment Day. But we 

who have learned of Atlantis, the civilisation before the world-flood, know that this 

only occurs if one raised the dead, and we understand this to refer to the activation of 

"junk" DNA by using usually unused neurons. When we delve as deeply as possible 

into our own composition we discover our ubiquity with the entire universe on the 

most fundamental levels. Thus, by altering our internal composition we project 

change outwards that can have a direct effect on our surrounding environment. 

Eventually we discover that each of us exists inside our own unique universe in a 

multiverse and that the greater a universe seems within to be expanding, the more it 

is evaporating into the nulliverse that consumes the forms and light of the 



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