the Pythagorean Order of Death

dedicated to restoring Atlantean Democracy


Judiciary:(1iic°)+(12lot22)=13::sulphur=fire/air::"Without End"

1 exec (min), all others drawn by lot from senate.

13 an openning prayer

Lord God, let us be delivered from doubt.

We have convened this meeting on each point of the jury star.

We are all here! Salutations to the Illumined Ones on the five points of the Sovereign Star!

I tell you truly, we have nothing to fear from the ten above nor from the seven below. For we are a strong star, shining bright! Together we are not twice seven, which would only polarize into a stalemate. We are seven brothers and six sisters, a sacred parashinokh are we! Our thirteen outnumbers the ten more of the twenty-three. Our six together with their ten outnumber the seven! All is balance. All is balance.


Equinox of Popes (how to appoint a pope part 2)

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