the Pythagorean Order of Death

dedicated to restoring Atlantean Democracy

iib°::"Overseers' Order"::PtahHotep

open only to Masons of the second degree or higher, blue lodge
PtaHotep's double-cross



this is the exterior of the AIR lodge


this is the interior of the AIR lodge


this is the AIR lodge prepared for the ceremony




II. Should the Senate refute the Tribunal: then it becomes a difference resolved by Senatorial vote.
A. if the Senate sides with the seven executives, then all is resolved.
B. if the Senate sides against the executives, the executives
convene a Death Council to try the Senate for dissolution.
1. If the Death Council sides with the Senate, then
the Senate may convene a jury against the executives.
2. If the executive Death Council dissolves the Senate,
Let each of the five adjoint lodges disperse in the opposite
geographical direction thus until they meet others of these arts
or find ruins indicating a dissolution of yore.


on this column let it be accomplished!



PtaHotep's double-cross 


introduction: as in the i° and iia° rituals, we begin in an ante-chambre outside the 

vault. An initator or Guide of no lower than this iib° in attainment themselves 

explains the knowledge lecture and the history, characters and plot of the rite. Once 

the candidate confirms to the Guide they understand this instruction, they enter the 




"While ImHotep passed through the Underworld, along the Milky Way, PtaHotep, his 

son, was left as his appointed head of the Overseers' Order. While the quarriers 

laboured by day the Overseers conserved their energy, but then, by night, the 

Overseers instructed the quarriers in the Higher Arts of Democracy, Masonry, tarot 

and the calendar, and all sorts of splendid wonders. They began to raise the pyramids 

by constructing an enourmous enclosure around the entire base layer and filling it 

with water to float the blocks into place with a giant boat. All looked forward to 

ImHotep's return, but PtaHotep did not overwork the workers. PtaHotep was the wisest 

of all the Overseers and beloved by the clay-people. He instructed them in all of his 

father ImHotep's metaphysics, and they all became as learned as he in time. 

NyarlaHotep served as PtaHotep's own vizier, and if PtaHotep but lifted a finger on his 

right hand, NyarlaHotep would wave the thousands of workers to all move as one to 

the right, and if PtaHotep lifted a finger on his left hand, NyarlaHotep would 

command the thousands of workers to all move in one wave to the left. Yet PtaHotep 

was not full of pride, and served not as king, but only as court-magician to the three 

Great Kings of our craft, Cheops, Khephren and Menkaure. The legions of undead all 

answered to the heart of NyarlaHotep, who offered it then to PtaHotep, though only 

until the return of ImHotep, the coming time of which no one knew but NyarlaHotep. 

This ritual is about the times when NyarlaHotep showed PtaHotep the catacombs 

beneath Giza, when NyarlaHotep told PtaHotep that ImHotep was never coming back, 

and that he, NyarlaHotep, was PtaHotep's true father. The ritual continues with 

ImHotep's return as a chaos-beast, judges NyarlaHotep a traitor and switches bodies 

with him, thus sending NyarlaHotep in the form of the chaos-beast back into the 

Netherworld. The meaning of this ritual is to teach the Atlantean Mason the 

mechanism of transcending the mundane cares of material reality." 


instruction: if the candidate gives the word to affirm they understand, the Guide 

ushers the candidate into the darkened vault and closes the door after them. In the 

middle of the darkened vault the candidate sees an arcing domed grotto, roofed with 

crystals, above an underground lake, on a sand-bar near the closest shore, beneath 

the peak of the catacomb's dome, arise two very tall menhir stone blocks, ancient 

with weather, the one on the left of a dark, metallic hue, the one on the right of a 

brighter, marble hue. The candidate will come to see there is strange, indecipherable 

and ever-shifting information being projected as patterns within the crystalline 

veins of the two massive, upright towers. These flash like slow lightning within the 

twin stones and this light alone illuminates the cavern. 


From the shadows behind the candidate's back, hiding behind the door of the vault as 

the candidate had entered, NyarlaHotep speaks. As he speaks, he places his grip on 

the candidate's right shoulder and then steps up beside them into the light. He is 

dressed as a vagabond mummy still, with blood staining the hieroglyphic 

inscriptions carefully painted onto his guaze wrappings. 



"These are the pillars buried by Enoch in the city east of Eden in Atlantis before the 

flood. ImHotep had them transported here. He discovered them by the stone of Ram, 

the key-stone of Noah, that he found and deciphered just outside of Ur, in southern 

Babylon, as he journeyed northwest to pass by Sinai into Egypt. Ram, the "tablet of 

testimony," was the key to all languages once. Its geometric shape is timeless, and the 

markings upon it the inscriptions of seven of the ten arch-angels, the pre-deluvial 

Atlantean kings' list. I tell you the splendour of Ram shall be known to all on 

judgment day, and is yet taught to all who seek to know it. It is a testament to the 

seven sinister angels who rebelled and who were cast down into this material 

universe. I, NyarlaHotep, am wise of the dawn of time, as was ImHotep before he died. 

Those who follow the ramstone now, seeking to find these twin stele, will get lost and 

fall into confusion, for now Enoch's tomb is empty, and these twin stele are here, 

buried beneath the three kings' tombs." 


inst: NyarlaHotep guides the candidate by their shoulder and begins leading them 

down a slight slope toward the crystal irradiated stone menhirs, one dark, one light. 

They step to the water's edge. The closer NyarlaHotep draws towards the twin 

megaliths, the more he stoops down and assumes a more lizard-like posture and 

visage. He urges the candidate toward the two obelisks and they begin wading out 

ankle deep in the shallow waters of the lake's shore. 



"I suppose you'd like me to tell you what they say. They are written in Atlantean and 

contain all the secrets of the universe. It is these each of my corpses seeks to 

replicate by quarrying the ashlars to build the tomb for the three great kings, who 

we call the three fools, for this project is damned folly without these stones being 

here. Without them, the resurrected dead would not obey me; Just as they are bound to 

my heart, my heart is bound to these two stele. The kings know nothing of these 

catacombs, nor of this lake nor of these stele. This secret is known to myself and 

Imhotep, and now you also, but to us alone. We three are Thoth, Osiris and Horus. Do 

you not see PtaHotep, just as ImHotep gave his soul for mine did he become like Thoth, 

god over time, for he dwells now beyond all time; and just as ImHotep assumed the 

god-form of Thoth, so too did I assume the god-form of Osiris. Now let me tell you how 

the heavens have already recorded and dictate our destinies: ImHotep is Thoth, I am 

Osiris, and you are Horus, PtaHotep. To raise Osiris, Thoth gave his own life, you see, 

and so ImHotep shall never return from the Underworld. He sacrificed himself, and 

has given you, his son, over to me. Now I am the Great Work's Architect, for, I assure 

you, ImHotep is no more!" 


inst: The two stones loom over them on a sand bar. NyarlaHotep climbs up the slight 

embankment. His face appears to be that of a supernaturally large serpent. He stands 

beside the bright one and reaches out to touch it. As his fingers contact the stone's 

cold surface a jolt of lightning bursts through them both, causing a Jacob's ladder to 

arise between them. From within this the chaos-beast of NyarlaHotep's true form 



Voice-Over: (booming)

"It is I, NyarlaHotep. It is I, PtaHotep. It is I, ImHotep returned from beyond the grave, 

in the realms of Nothingness beyond even the Underworld. I have come back from 

beyond the abyss that outstretches the deepest nether-realms. Bow now, my son, bow 

before your father who has conquered an eternity. Bow now, you traitor, for either 

way this chaos-beast's form is once more your fate for your treachery against me." 


inst: the chaos-beast's image in the jacob's ladder's arcing sparks quavers like the 

reflection of the moon on a rippling pond. Suddenly the reptilian arisen corpse of 

the mummified NyarlaHotep is possessed by the soul of ImHotep, and the chaos-beast's 

infernal form possessed once more by NyarlaHotep. 


ImHotep: (portrayed by the actor previosly portraying NyarlaHotep) 

"Let it all come down. My revelation shall outlast it all. For I have been to the world 

beyond Beriyah and I have surveyed the New Jerusalem. It's twelve gates are the 

twelve houses of the Am-Duat. Its seven-sided church I have beheld inside and out, 

and it is like the seven Be of Re between the Ka and the Ahk." 

inst: the chaos beast looms through the electricity-screen. It is a puppet armature of 

tentacles centred around a corpuscle eye, red with rage and streaming tears. Its pupil 

is a mouth and its iris a row of hooked fangs. 


NyarlaHotep: (booming) 

"PtaHotep, you may escape me, but ImHotep, you shall not. I shall pursue you until 

the final Sabbat and see your clay corpse buried beyond the wasteland's outskirts on 

the edge of Nothingness. Your home for eternity shall be to guard the west-bank of 

the river styx. Your destiny will be to wander eternally alone, licking sand to search 

for salty silt. You will yet suffer my fate for me. I will never die. I will get you." 


inst: ImHotep urges the candidate away, toward the shore-line and the door of the 

vault, away from the twin pillars and the chaos-beast NyarlaHotep. 


ImHotep: (turning to NyarlaHotep) 

"NyarlaHotep, oh terrifying feverish insanity. You cannot harm me bacause I am one 

loyal to God who sent me. I have cast you already into the emptiness of the abyss once 

by my word. I shall not say it again except by action. Come at me and your will will 

wilt, oh chaos-beast. You shall forever lose what little light of hope you have left. 

Forsake now." 



"You are unwise to be unjust to me, your servant, oh vizier. For I have sat upon that 

seat to which you would now ascend. The corpses are all of me, all mine alone to 

command. I was bound only to this portal until you returned my true form to me. Now 

I cross the threshhold once and forever to dwell in the land of the living, and leave 

behind the world of the dead, with you in it."



"NyarlaHotep, you, whose one eye hungers for justice, must repent now your lust for 

the powers of this world. I warn you, they are only an illusion, and I can turn them 

against you." 



"It is too late for you now. I summon Marduk, king of demons. I summon Chthulu of 

chaos and formlessness. I summon Satan and Maloch, the twin-headed devil. I 

summon the host of all Hades to spread your plague upon this realm, the material 

universe. Fly free all you damned gargoyles, I unchain thee in ImHotep's name." 

inst: as the puppeteered armature of tentacles undulates, the hole of the chaos-beast's 

pupil-mouth dilates to engorge the sclera. Through his eye, NyarlaHotep vomits 

himself inside-out. Black smoke bellows out of the emptied-out NyarlaHotep, whose 

tentacles now take root around the twin menhirs, as he stretches himself open across 

the gateway to the Underworld. His remaining flesh gapes agog and tears through to 

reveal a portal to the inferno of hell. 


ImHotep: (to candidate) 

"PtaHotep, my son, go to call all the undead to return as warriors behind you. I, in 

NyarlaHotep's clay-body, must enter the gateway of NyarlaHotep and battle him upon 

the thresh-hold, before he can widen the rift in the veil." (turning again to 

NyarlaHotep) "You cannot cast curses before a man sent to you by God. If you will not 

approach me and be laid waste by my Righteousness then I shall take my Word to you 



inst: as Imhotep approaches NyarlaHotep, the initiator, or Guide, who prepared the 

candidate and who has snuck up behind them, now takes the candidate arm-in-arm 

and escorts them towards and out the vault door and into the ante-chambre, 

discussing with the candidate as they walk the meaning of this degree's ritual. 



"So you see how we transcend the mortal world while still alive: we must delve deep 

into our minds inside our quantum thoughts that guide our nerves to control our 

DNA. We must conquer the urge to destroy and do evil there, deep within each of us. 

Know that only you can do this for yourself, but that you are not alone in doing it. 

Truly there are a legion of us who are seeking to transcend the mortal world while 

still alive. We all work together is the Great Karma Yoga. The battle between order 

and chaos is within each of us. We must therefore live life rightly as a warrior for 

increased perception, increased awareness and expansion of consciousness, both our 

own, others and that of the entire cosmos." 


"The true Overseers' Order is open to any who have become inverted from the 

mundane, and is thus comprised only of those who have "graduated from labour" by 

working to perfect themselves. Because we have transcended cares for the material 

world, we are able to look down upon it from above. But only if we work to perfect 

ourselves do we perserve our place on the planes above." 


"We can each do good alone. When we all work together we can do even better. 

Therefore, seek out and surround those who do good alone and in invisible silence 

encourage their good deeds. When they are ready to, they will learn how to assist 

others and to command their reality by communing with their inner-will and 

confronting the conflict between good and evil. In the deepest realms of the seeker's 

mind, they find this inverting dualism, for it is the binary language of our quantum 

thoughts themselves. We input binary logic and output creative uncertainty, and that 

is how our mind makes itself manifest around us in our material world." 


"Each of us is like the bright singularity at the umbilical navel between a parent 

black-hole and a baby universe. The fabric of the spacetime continuum itself softens, 

melts and molds itself to the touch of the mind. But only those of us who knowingly 

and rightly do good deeds and thus perfect their karma know how to sustain and to 

control our mental grasp on our own realities. We understand the multiverse 

surrounds the outside of the womb of our perception. We understand how to manifest 

rightly because we have chosen to conquer the dualism of good and evil by asserting 

our innermost will over the most fundamental quantum uncertainty." 


"If you do not understand, you will have plenty of time for asking questions, for now 

you are considered a True Self Overseer. Welcome to the Overseers' Order." 


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