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To defeat an enemy, one must understand them, because to defeat and to understand anything, one must apply the same strategy: to define it, to delimit it, to pick it apart and dissect it, to find its strengths and its weaknesses, and to learn how to exploit it to one's own benefit. So, to understand this enemy, we may define them quite simply: why is pedophilia ethically wrong? Because it is non-consentual; it is rape. Wherever there are cults that incorporate rape (or ritual murder - so-called "human sacrifice") they are, therefore, clandestine and occult from the public eye. As a result of this occlusion, the populous can be likewise divided up over this issue as well: there are those who do not realize such a clandestine occult network exists; there are those who realize it exists, but refuse to address it directly, or who refuse to accept it as a "real" problem; there are those who realize it exists, and who advocate on its behalf, but who do not belong to its practices personally (those who argue in favor of the social-normalization of pedophilia, for example); there are those who practice pedophilia but do not belong to the occult-network who support it; and of course, finally, there are those who belong to the occult-network of pedophiles themselves - who make and distribute child-pornography, who kidnap and sell people into sexual slavery on black-markets, who commit the murders in "snuff" films, who bury the bodies, etc. All of these people comprise the entirety of this vast and complex "conspiracy" that is the enemy of ethics, justice and humane decency. Hopefully the exposure of this criminal racket continues - if it must, online. Uncovering the porousness between these criminals and those tasked to investigate their crimes may prove to be the most important contribution the internet can make to the first decades of the 21st century.

"If abduction and black-market distribution into sexual bondage of minors is really so epidemic, then why don't more alleged victims come forward to testify against these supposed perpetrators?" If that logic adds up to you, look yourself in the mirror and realize you're what's wrong with the world.

There are predatory personality-types among us, and among them there are those who network with each other to form a well-connected criminal conspiracy to achieve power by attaining and maintaining control over their own varying degree of social authority.

These people, while comprising only a small percentage of the total human population, have amassed unto themselves the opulent wealth always acquired through coercion and usury by every empire ever, and even now, many mistake their wealth for justly earned gains, and mistake their counterfeit as real currency; but it's all a lie.

It is not "fake news" to inform people of unpleasant truths, even if most people would prefer it if it were.

So, among those "in power" there is a network of well-connected criminals; this much many will accept as a given, but without any understanding of why their crimes are technically "wrong;" because of this, little can be done to expose the injustice of the acts by those who, even if solely by self-manufactured popularity, remain "in power" over the minds of their own peers.

If all the parents of "missing children" were to form a coalition and jointly file a class-action suit against the FBI to uncover the details of any ongoing investigations into socially-networked pedophiles, would it even make a story in the pages of the New York Times?

Saying you cannot be sure pedophilia should be considered a crime, because of circumstances differing from case-to-case into which one who wasn't there cannot objectively place themselves to ascertain if a non-consenting act occurred or not, is a lot like saying you cannot be sure if you can breathe on the moon or not because you've never been there, or like saying, "I don't think murder is necessarily always wrong because I've never, personally, experienced being killed."

Lack of human empathy for the claims (however exaggerated) of self-identifying victims (of acts, however technically legal or not) is not a trait becoming of modern science; worthy more, instead, of pseudo-scientism.

Kids are being misled into a terrible industry founded on lies even at this moment, and this is a global condition of modern reality for the entirety of humanity. Yet, so long as the majority believe this "image factory" is in anyway benefitting to humanity, its injustices will continue to be called "progress." I see "western civilization" as all one large conspiracy, and everyone who willingly accepts it as a "good" on the whole as being complicit in its basest criminal acts. Why should it not be held to the same degree of ethical scrutiny it would hold Islam up to? If ISIS are a "few bad apples" that "spoil the barrel" for the rest of middle-eastern Muslims by justifying western "racial profiling," then perhaps the US federal government's own "elected" and/or appointed officials should be seen as the same, for their ordering and authorizing of war crimes such as torture and indefinite detention without charge. Not only does it not surprise me to find out it is true when I hear that "this celebrity" or "that politician" is involved in some scandal or other, it only shocked me a little when I realized these criminals were all connected with each other by less than "6° of separation." I, like all the rest of us raised in the modern imperial conspiracy of "western civilization," have been desensitized to hearing that ethically reprehensible and even illegal acts are being committed constantly by public figures. But simply because no one is willing to defend a victim does not make abuse "just" or "right;" when the "elephant in the room" is simply accepted as "normal," it does not enable the elephant to sit down for tea as though it were such.

“”Only about 38% of child victims disclose the fact that they have been sexually abused. Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on adults) occur to children ages 17 and under. 44% of rapes with penetration occur to children under age 18. Victims younger than 12 accounted for 15% of those raped, and another 29% of rape victims were between 12 and 17. About 90% of children who are victims of sexual abuse know their abuser (only 10% of sexually abused children are abused by a stranger). Approximately 30% of children who are sexually abused are abused by family members. The younger the victim, the more likely it is that the abuser is a family member. Of those molesting a child under six, 50% were family members. Family members also accounted for 23% of those abusing children ages 12 to 17. About 60% of children who are sexually abused are abused by people the family trusts. 70% of child sex offenders have between one and 9 victims, while 20% have 10 to 40 victims. Juveniles are the offenders in 43% of assaults on children under age six. Of these offenders, 14% are under age 12. More than 90% of children who are commercially sexually exploited have been sexually abused in the past. About 75% of child pornography victims are living at home when they are photographed.””


My friend who posted the link to this video (otherwise I would never have seen it, since it hasn't seemed to make corporate media headlines yet) suggested, and I agree with him about it, that this will be spun as the President "purging" political dissidents by false accusation of "human trafficking." Though, I would add to this, the only way an accusation of "human trafficking" could be readily considered false would be if the "crack down" included all uses of communications media as well; for example, if someone downloaded pornography whose "models" were underage, and the NSA monitored this, and then ICE kicked down their door for "copyright infringement," or "illegal downloading," or "possession of underage pornography," etc. Then, it could be argued, the accused might be a victim of making a download (a "free purchase" so to speak) with a company providing a product (even if that product is "adult entertainment") "in good faith" that the product broke no laws, only to be "entrapped" by the company providing the product having broken the law and "sold" products "in bad faith" to consumers. ICE has, thus far, been tasked with making downloading "copyrighted" media illegal, and enforcing this internationally; personally, I do not consider downloading any media for free to be "theft" or "copyright infringement." But I don't make the law. To me, it's the high-price of registering for a "copyright" with the US library of congress that is criminal. I agree with the issue of "human trafficking" being far more endemic among the "wealthy" elites than has been reported by their loyal, corporate media. However, it MAYBE a "slippery slope" to begin a "war on pedophilia" if the primary "combat-zone" becomes the world-wide web. Trafficking in "illegal" information and committing the crime of "human trafficking" are, after all, not identical crimes. I agree those who buy and sell people should be imprisoned for the crime of "human trafficking," and I understand to "catch" these people, it maybe necessary to violate their "communications privacy rights" - read their emails, subpoena their tax and banking records, even ultimately freeze their assets, all prior to actually arresting them. While I don't, again personally, approve of these tactics, I don't make the laws, and I realize they will be used because they can be, not because they need to be. As such, I do hope they will be used to crack down on those producing and distributing "underage pornography," even if NOT those who "possess" such "criminal content" merely by purchase or download. All this is a uniquely modern consideration, even though the problem of "human trafficking" and rape of minors is not. In every empire in all of human history thus far, the "wealthy" elites have always resorted to feeding their most base and perverted desires more and more the more their society becomes an internationally over-extended, counterfeit-backed empire. The Roman senators are a fine example, particularly following the life and death of Julius Caesar, Rome's first (official) emperor. As America has, thus far, not been so "exceptional" as to be exempt from this process of increasing imperialism, there is a definite criminal faction (probably by now a majority) within the American Republic's ruling elites. Are these people criminals? Definitely; they break the very laws they invent, let alone those they supposedly enforce. Have "purges" ever successfully worked to eliminate "criminality" from human nature? Definitely not. But, because this is the phase of imperialism we have entered into in this present time, we may bear witness to its consequences, as some of the "wealthy" elites scramble to suppress others by accusing them of crimes of which they are all, equally, guilty.

As imperialism increases, so does perversion. Thus, you cannot expect to successfully combat perversion by increasing imperialism.

The March 25th, 2017, “pizza gate protest” in Washington DC, is bound to be an event that divides the "mainstream media" from the "alt right" media, because however many people show up to this march, the MSM won't be able to cover it accurately, and this fact will further polarize the internet as well, where "alt right" optimists are cheering President Trump's promise to invest the "full weight of America's military and intelligence apparatus" to the agenda of ending human trafficking in the US' borders, but where the "alt left" and "neo-libs" are still crying for justice over the burning down of the Standing Rock "NODAPL" protestors' camp on President Trump's authorization. The media will continue to spin Trump as a "polarizing" figurehead, while Trump will remain the President the media loves to hate, but literally can't get rid of. At this same time, we have a gluttony of private prisons with a shortage of federal criminals to put in them, and if you think these will be closed down after the arrests of rich pedophiles, their incarceration during trials, their imprisonment after sentencing, etc. you are mistaken. This industry is due to expand under President Trump, and you can bet that after they come for the pedophiles, the illegal downloaders and legalized pot smokers will be next, because Trump won't be President for long, but the prisons used to house these rich pedophiles will not be torn down anytime soon.

Meanwhile, on wikipedia: (just barely too long to be a "stub" article) references other wikipage on medical neologism: and cites only "anti-pedophile" organizations whose "name and shame" tactics they present as being citizen-based vigilanteism. Is the tide about to turn for this topic?

child sex-trafficking (and predatory NLP-ers preying on the inexperienced and gullible), nuclear armaments proliferation (and the disposal methods for radioactive waste), and the psychological impact of technology (both unintentionally long-term de-evolutionary, and intentionally for short-term mind-control) are probably my biggest concerns about modern human society on a global scale. All of these are fairly "open secrets" - covered-up by media lies, but the truth about which is common-knowledge to all as well. The "powerful elites" being a "Satanic Ritual Abuse" cult is as much a trope of modernity as is prison rape, but just as wrong, unethical and injurious. These social problems, rather than being uncomfortably "normalized" as approach and decay phases relative to the "unavoidable" pitch of imperialism, should be dealt with publicly by everybody, so that multiple solutions maybe presented and begin being implemented on a variety of scales all at once. By this point in history, the practices of non-consentual sex-slavery, polluting the planet with extremely long-lasting fallout and using electronic tools to "dumb down" humanity as a whole are not insolubly difficult issues to address. It is simply that corporate media have, thus far, marginalized the voice of those who are concerned over these issues by depriving them of a public platform from which, and propaganda campaign with which, to address a massive audience. In short, we have not been allowed to solve these social problems yet because "the powers that be" have refused to even admit these problems exist. One (valid) reason for this is that, if it were publicly revealed to what extent these problems actually are endemic, there would be such a public revolt, society as we know it now might not survive. But is a society founded on lies and propping up rapists, arms-dealers and spies really worth preserving such as it is?

To be clear, there should NOT be any significant legal distinction made here at this time between "human trafficking" and "serial rape." The form in which human slavery persists to this day is as unwilling (in many cases, unwitting) sexual submission. As such 99 out of 100 victims are females, and as long as there remains the least stigmatism of sexism blinding justice, many victims will not feel safe enough to "come forward" and report these crimes to the "proper legal authorities."

For example, when a Catholic priest rapes a string of alter-boys for the span of a decade, and his Arch-Diocese Bishop takes actions to knowingly conceal this from the local police, this is a crime: it may not be called "human trafficking" by that name, but it can be called "serial rape." Likewise, Bill Cosby, beloved celebrity and leaver of a legacy of record-breaking bridges built across the vast racial divide in the US, was also a "serial rapist," and - like most such - he did not work alone. He had a dealer who supplied him with pills he used to drug women, often claiming they were qualudes, when really they were "roofies" (the so-called "date-rape" drug). The very existence of a "date-rape drug" makes the act appear far too normalized in our sickly twisted imperial culture.

Likewise, for example, when a young run-away is abducted, and ends up hand-cuffed to a mattress in an experimental drug lab set up in some random apartment in the middle of some big city; this is a crime in which the young run-away is the victim, and is NOT responsible for her circumstances for having left home. "Human traffickers" of this modern sort prey on those who are weak like wolves destroying flowers. And again, for example, there should be no doubt the same crime - "human trafficking" - is being committed in the scenario of a child being kidnapped and raised in a cult to become mind-controlled sexual property of rich business people in our increasingly decadent, imperial culture.

But are these the same crime? No, surely they are each a unique and independent kind of crime, each different from the other and each differing in "severity" on a case-by-case basis. No, I say. They are both "crimes against humanity" and, furthermore, they are clearly BOTH being committed simultaneously by the same people: the counterfeit elite, those wealthy "leaders" of the empire of "western civilization." So are "human trafficking" and "serial rape" theoretically separate and unique types of crime? Yes. In reality, however, they are practiced by the same individual criminals.

The symbol of "monarch" MK is the butterfly, presumably because the probationary period of conditioning alters is like a cocoon, from which, ultimately, the dominant persona breaks out - usually explosively. The pressure on entertainment performers (especially pubescent, female stars) is a mixture of public exhibitionism / voyeurism and narcissistic sadomasochism (expressed generally as self-love / self-hate, alternating moods as manic anger and depressed sadness), where the greatest fear becomes (not even infamy, but) irrelevancy in the public eye. If one plays the "sex symbol" card early on, one is less able to transition into a role of "serious" and "matured" performer, and usually this leads to either acceptance of being type-cast in a system defined by planned obsolescence or else a total nervous breakdown.

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