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The amount of disappointment I feel for humanity is directly commensurate to the amount of our potential I see going to waste.

some argue there is a finite supply of "human potential" - that, for one to succeed another must fail, and for one to gain another must lose. I disagree. I think our capacity for ability and likelihood to succeed is determined entirely by the degree to which we can improve, and this I see as being infinite, at least beyond all known limits, in measure. As fallible as people are, there is the same margin for improvement. Because people choose to be ignorant, rude, bombastic, savage, stubborn, stupid, intentionally misinformed, monstrous, immoral and unethical demons, there is, likewise, a very vast difference measurable by which we could improve. Also, it should be common knowledge but isn't - before we can truly improve the exterior world, we must first improve our interior psychological realms; and until humanity as a species has passed some kind of marker as moving in that direction unilaterally, people will remain worse off than had we never evolved from the primordial sludge, and the cosmos would be best served should we ever choose to crawl back to that.

there are two primary methods by which "human potential" goes to waste. One is for it to be punished and its attempts at improvement to be thwarted, stunted, retarded, ingrown or otherwise prevented from achieving a successful outcome. The other is for it to be diverted and misguided, for it to become applied to a self-destructive or to an environmentally polluting action - anything that destroys more than it creates. When "human potential" is harnessed for destructive ends, it is more dangerous, more damaging and more detrimental than when potential is simply squandered by doing nothing at all. However, either way - whether by being stopped dead in its tracks, or by being imploded inward on itself in a cycle feeding off self-loathing - whenever "human potential" is not allowed to successfully attempt self-improvement and the improvement (if possible) of our environment, the result is bad for people, for other species, for the planet, and - infinitely so in potential - bad for the cosmos as a whole as well.

as empire expands its international military adventurism beyond the capacity to pay for it by direct taxation of its population, the culture affiliated with the increasingly imperial social system also begins to wane in terms of its creative productivity, its labor and manufacturing, its interests in the sciences, as well as in the department of a citizen's average IQ. In such an imperial social system, the arts and humanities of culture cannot flourish, and must learn to live in a condition of economic poverty and marginalization of relevance. During such periods of time it is more difficult to explain the concept of "freedom" and "direct democracy" to a citizen of the empire than it would be to teach spiders to talk to cats. Literally, "on the streets" of such an empire is where there is the most danger - because citizens become idiotic and indifferent about it - the "common man" literally becomes a danger to himself and others, thus justifying their further abuse by the imperial social-system that "dumbed us down" to start with. This whole "cycle of abuse" manifests as traffic "in the streets" and "on the road," where people exhibit less attentive behavior in a more dangerous situation than Gomer Pile on acid in an active combat zone. People text with their dominant hand and steer their cars with their other hand. This, perhaps best, exemplifies "Americanism" at this present period, immediately post- "peak imperialism." Personally, I can't stand it. Peace.

The illumination that we emanate as we rise up becomes the conflagration that immolates us when we descend back down.

trans. "the light we shine as we arise becomes the fire that burns us when we fall."

interpretation: "What we think is right when we are young we learn was wrong later in life, when we are being punished for having done what we did when we were young."

Some questions to my enemies' gods:

"What trait do you see in my future arising that I, in my own mind's eye, cannot - that somehow makes me some kind of threat you must seek to thwart - what is this ignominious taint about me that you find so odious? What have I ever done in this lifetime or any past that you feel honor-bound to never forgive me of and never count my penance as having fully repaid? Why must you preserve this curse with which you brand my luck? Why have you pit man against man around me, and made me to be alike these, my enemies? Why have you placed me, in their flesh, amidst those who intend me harm? For I am nothing but a naked babe in the deep woods of the unimaginable, and you have no knowledge of me nor of my doings."

cont. "Is it true my only use is to be a scape-goat, whipped for the sins of my father, exiled into the wilderness to die alone, scorned, shamed and forgotten? Is there no higher calling I could have been born for instead, no other cup I could drink from instead of this one you have put before me? Am I to be remembered solely as a madman for the next 200 years, or 2000 even? I cannot stand beneath the weight of this thought. Why am I driven to try if I am destined only to fail? What god has damned me thus, and how from their hex may I be made free?"

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