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Voip for more videos about the "Enochian System" invented by John Dee and used by the Golden Dawn: for further research about the "ECS" as it relates to the ...

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Comment by Kyle Kloud Creviston on April 5, 2015 at 5:46pm

So how do we use this to actually communicate and identify ourselves?

Comment by Jonathan Barlow Gee on April 5, 2015 at 10:50pm

the ECS itself has two components: the electromagnetic energetic component and the gravitational formating imposed onto this energy. The former is the medium through which thoughts are communicated, and the latter provides a logical framework for reference while doing so. the Mind itself exists above both the gravitational programming code (the software, alike RNA) and the electromagnetic substance formed into the "morphogenetic field" (the hardware or DNA) of the ECS by it. The ECS is similar to the "Gaia" concept for earth's aura as a "morphogenetic field," but the ECS is more complex and uses a different format for its patterns. This allows the ECS to function faster and more efficiently at the same task than the "Gaia" model of the same morphogenetic field for the planet earth.

The way the existing ECS as a gravitationally-bound electromagnetic network surrounding earth works to broadcast thoughts telepathically is by bounding and limiting the thought's trajectory, and by providing it a conserved trajectory allowing it to arc "over the horizon" and around a spherical surface to reach its destination instantly. Similarly to the difference between AM and FM frequency radio-waves, most thoughts (in an untrained mind) are emitted omni-directionally, and their energetic impact disperses across this distance according to the "inverse square law." However, packeting a thought's entire amount of energy at its original moment of emanation into a single, looped bundle and then projecting this along a vector to a distant target-destination, alike how a gun may fire an exploding projectile from a distance, allows the same information-unit of data comprising the thought to be broadcast to another person's brain's exact location, even without direct line of sight. The ECS's conservation of angular ideation allows this process to be self-correcting to an extent that the thought being projected can lock on its target even if they are in motion at the target destination's location.

The ECS simply allows natural telepathic abilities to be augmented "OTH," without having to rely on the method of communicating over long distances used by other species, which could be called a "telephone" method, one animal communicating to the next, and the next to the one after them, and so on, spreading the news through line-of-sight and/or ear-shot sound. This earlier model of the "animal internet" is still more efficient than modern human technological telecommunications methods, because it has been around much longer and is likely to outlast our own technology's implements' individual models, however it is less efficient than the advancements to the ECS proposed as Atlantean Democracy and Lemurian "church-banking" by the POD.

Some of Nikola Tesla's designs are alike the models for free-energy generators built into the main temples of "Atlantis" along the "Avenue of the Dead," but the models of "Atlantis" are based not on Tesla's own designs, but instead on reverse-engineering the separated component parts of a certain kind of "saucer-shaped" anti-gravity craft I designed. If one of such a craft were to crash on a planet inhabited by a sentient, telepathic form of species (such as the australopithecus proto-hominids dwelling in Antarctica 1-3 million years ago), they would be able to recreate these "Atlantean" models independently, or to re-integrate all of their fundamental components to re-form the original "UFO" saucer-craft.

Hope this has proven helpful. Peace. - Jon

Comment by Kyle Kloud Creviston on April 6, 2015 at 12:28am

Indeed, that was very helpful. Now I need to further familiarize myself with the Enochian systems, and also I wish to know of practical ways to increase the potency and specific trajectory of one's thought forms. Are there exercises in which one can practice making "thought packages" more effective, dense, and directed? What processes do you recommend as far as the visualization and projection of the thought forms themselves?

Comment by Jonathan Barlow Gee on April 6, 2015 at 1:46am

A "magick" ritualist would recommend familiarizing yourself with the media's medium itself, that is - the messenger "codon" or "servitor" you are "piggy-backing" your own "will" or "directed intention" onto. In Voodoo they utilize the Orisha Elegua in much the same manner as the Golden-era Greeks employed the conceptual deity of Hermes, or how the ancient Egyptians of the Old Kingdom venerated Thoth as an intercessor on their behalf to the rest of their pantheon. As an example of this method, if you were pulling up to a 4-way red-light you wished to turn green for you, and were a ritualist, you would employ the usage of your evoked "servitor" by casting it out like a "spell" or "hex" onto the traffic light, and expecting it to do your bidding for you. You would pull up and invoke their call, their title (rank) and name, etc. and then send them on their way with your wish, as you would a genie in a bottle. However, I am not a "magick" ritualist.

I would advocate meditating on the relationships and meanings of the symbols employed in my own "Atlantean Calendar" model, and attempting to apply these symbols in the mind's eye to 4th dimensional forms such as the torus and tesseract, among many others. Doing so hones mental focus so that, when this focus is applied to one's intended goal rather than to the object they'd been studying (in this case the "Atlantean Calendar"), their focus may become much clearer and more intense than it would have been otherwise. The result of doing this for me was realization of the significance of and motivation to further research how to broadcast thoughts (the quanta of mind) through longer distance of space in shorter durations of time.

Ultimately, one may pin-point any "target" mentally and attempt to "remote-view" and even to "remote-influence" either a living individual and/or the material objects in their immediate surrounding environment. The degree of success with such attempts varies, but can be improved by practice. Affecting "action at a distance" becomes increasingly easy depending on the degree of previous "entanglement" between the operator and their target. If you are attempting to communicate telepathically to an old friend, it is easier than to do so to an equidistant stranger. The reason for this is that, while within the confines of the brain, "thoughts" are electromagnetic. The trick in projecting these is to break the speed-limit of light, in order to break the information-unit bonds of the thought inside the operator's brain down into FTL (faster-than-light) form, and then to reassemble them again into the same form at a distance inside the target's brain. Only by breaking light-speed can information-units of electromagnetic thought be transferred (or teleported) through hyperspace to arrive instantaneously.

Because there are various working methods to accomplish this effect, there is no single "royal road" to accomplishing telepathy. It is simply a natural sensory ability that remains more or less dormant, but which we unconsciously must rely on for our own survival. Honing this ability into a sharper skill requires only focusing one's own mind's eye's ability to mentally project its own "creative visualizations" to ever-more distant locations in space over ever-shorter durations of time. Peace, - Jon


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