the Pythagorean Order of Death

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what is the "bund" of the Pythagorean Order of Death?


INTRO: Why are there not 5 Popes?

1. the 5 "bund" degrees of the modern POD

1a. the 5 ages of 400 years each

1a1. the "new age" of Essene Gnosticism

1a2. the "war age" of the Templar Crusades

1a3. the "dark age" of the Regal Rosicrucians

1a4. the "dawn age" of the Perfected Illuminati

1a5. the "death age" of the Bohemian OTO

1b. the dominant cult per each age

1b1. Essene Gnosticism

1b2. Templar Knights

1b3. Regal Rosicrucians

1b4. Perfected Illuminati

1b5. Bohemian OTO

1c. the OHO, IHO and Pope of each cult

1c1. Yeshua Ben Padiah

1c2. Jacques DeMolay

1c3. John Dee

1c4. Adam Weishaupt

1c5. Aliester Crowley

1d. the Missions of the 5 Masters

1d1. the reformation of religious law

1d2. the conquering of the "Holy Lands"

1d3. the establishment of a magic system

1d4. the overthrow of all existing churches and states

1d5. the unification of all existing occult sects

2. the 1 Pope over the 5 "bund" degrees

2a. the 5 ages in 1 aeon

2a1. the 400 year ages

2a1a. the "new age" of religious reformation

2a1b. the "war age" of conquering a "Holy Land"

2a1c. the "dark age" of new magic

2a1d. the "dawn age" of global conquest

2a1e. the "death age" of global administration

2b. the 5 "Anti-Popes" of the Ages

2b1. Thut-Moses or Ahkenaten: (-) 1600 YP

2b2. King David and Prince Solomon: (-) 1200 YP

2b3. Nebuchadnezzar to Alexander: (-) 800 YP

2b4. Pythagoras or Plato: (-) 400 YP

2b5. Omega Emperor Julius Caesar and Alpha Pope Jesus Christ: zero YP

2c. the 2000 year aeons

2c1. the 23 degree tilt of polar precession causing the solar aeons

2c2. the 5 solar aeons of 10,000 years (Lemurian-Sethian history)

2c3. the 7 solar aeons of 14,000 years (an Atlantean "Jubilee")

2c4. the 12 solar aeons per 24,000 years (a sun pole cycle or "Yuga")

2c5. the 24 solar aeons per 48,000 years (an ice age or "Ragnarok")

2d. the Archetypal Role of Pope

2d1. any "False Pope" born at the change of an Aeon

2d1a. the Wanderer / Civiliser / Warrior Trinity (3+4+5=12)

2d1b. the idealised fixity of space in time (the calendar)

2d1c. the singular, motionless "Great Burner" (the hearth of 4 seasons)

2d2. any "True Pope" born on an Aeonic solstice or equinox

2d2a. the wandering, civilising, warring "Sin-Bearer" (the Saviour)

2d2b. the malleability of measuring time (calendrical inventors)

2d2c. establishing a "year zero" (measuring the 4 seasons)

2e. the "False Pope" of the Lemurian Church-Bank in Atlantean Democracy

2e1. the 5 pre-historic species of hominid

2e1a. australopithecus (Adam)

2e1b. homo-erectus (Eve)

2e1c. cromagnon (Cain)

2e1d. neanderthal (Abel)

2e1e. homo-sapiens (Seth)

2e2. the "Anti-Christ" Seth and an "Ascended Master" or "Christ"

2e2a. the cult of the Sethites in year zero (the 3 stele of Shem)

2e2b. the neo-Sethian cult of (+) 2000 YP (the neo-con Zionists)

2e2c. the Pythagorean Order in year zero (the cult of Yeshua)

2e2d. the Pythagorean Order of (+) 2000 YP (the cult of Theosophy)

2f. the "True Pope" of the Lemurian Church-Bank in Atlantean Democracy

2f1. the phi spiral Avenue of the Dead in Atlantis

2f1a. the dodecahedronal Senate

2f1b. the cubic Monastery

2f1c. the isocahedronal Church-Bank

2f1d. the octahedronal Jury-bench

2f1e. the Papal tetrahedron

2f2. the twin Tablets of the Law in Atlantis

2f2a. the phi gnomon spiral signed by the 7 kings of Atlantis

2f2b. the circular decipherment of the 7 signatures (7 within 12)

2f2c. the deal to preserve a psychic Order of Death among the 7 kings

2f2d. the abrogation of the "cult of sleep" as a slave-class for the Order

2f3. the election of a new, singular Pope each 400 years

2f3a. the duties and priveledges of a Pope over the psychic Order of Death

2f3a1. to preserve Atlantean Democracy (based on ideal #-theory)

2f3a2. to maintain the Law of the Order of Death over the "cult of sleep"

2f3a3. to recognise the cycle of the Popes over the Ages and Aeons

2f3b. the archetype of a Lemurian Pope of Atlantis

2f3b1. the ideals of every Pope of the Order of Death

2f3b2. the duty and priveledge of the Pope to uphold Atlantean Democracy

2f3b3. the role of the Pope to control the exoteric "cult of sleep"

2f4. the Papal ruins and reliquary garden

2f4a. the "rose" that grew in the ruins

2f4b. the "name" of the "rose"

2f4c. the True Crown of the Levite Pope

2f4d. the Maltese cross of 4 pentagrams

2f5. the roles of the OHO, the IHO, and the Pope

2f5a. the Outer Head of the Order manipulates the "cult of sleep"

2f5b. the Inner Head of the Order secretly rules the Order of Death

2f5c. the Pope of Atlantis as the combined minds of all beings on earth

2f5c1. the "Son of Mankind," "Christ Consciousness" and "Kether"

2f5c2. to channel the mind of the "Most High" is to be the Pope

2f5c3. the ponzi schema of the Order of Death and the Trinity

2f5c3a. the triangle "eye" atop the tetrahedron "pyramid"

2g. Why there are not 5 Popes

2g1. the 3 aeons of homo-sapien (Sethian) history

2g1a. the first aeon: (-) 4000 - (-) 2000 YP

2g1a1. the 5 ages of the first aeon

2g1a1a. the Sumerian Annunaki: (-) 4000 - (-) 3600 YP

2g1a1b. Babylonian Marduk: (-) 3600 - (-) 3200 YP

2g1a1c. Gilgamesh and Enkidu: (-) 3200 - (-) 2800 YP

2g1a1d. Abraham-Imhotep, Isaac and Ishmael: (-) 2800 - (-) 2400 YP

2g1a1e. Egypt, Alexander and Graeco-Roman Hellenism: (-) 2400 - (-) 2000

2g1b. the second aeon: (-) 2000 YP - zero YP

2g1b1. the 5 ages of the second aeon

2g1b1a. Thutmoses or Akhenaten: (-) 2000 - (-) 1600 YP

2g1b1b. King David and Prince Solomon: (-) 1600 - (-) 1200 YP

2g1b1c. Nebuchadnezzar and the captivity: (-) 1200 - (-) 800 YP

2g1b1d. Pythagoras to Julius Ceasar: (-) 800 - (-) 400 YP

2g1b1e. Jesus "Christ" to Hassan-Ibn-Sabba: (-) 400 - zero YP

2g1c. the third aeon: zero YP - (+) 2000 YP

2g1c1. the 5 ages of the third aeon

2g1c1a. Yeshua and the Essene Zealots: zero - (+) 400 YP

2g1c1b. De Molay and the Knights of Zion: (+) 400 - (+) 800 YP

2g1c1d. John Dee and the Regal Rosicrucians: (+) 800 - (+) 1200 YP

2g1c1d. Weishaupt and the Perfected Illuminati: (+) 1200 - (+) 1600 YP

2g1c1e. Aliester Crowley and the OTO: (+) 1600 - (+) 2000 YP

2g2. the 2 Aeons of pre-history in Atlantis and Lemuria

2g2a. the first aeon: (-) 8000 - (-) 6000 YP

2g2a1. the 5 ages of the first aeon (Atlantis in Anarctica)

2g2a1a. AN to ANKI: (-) 8000 - (-) 7600 YP

2g2a1b. ANIB to ANSHARGAL: (-) 7600 - (-) 7200 YP

2g2a1d. ANSHAR to ENSHAR: (-) 7200 - (-) 6800 YP

2g2a1d. DU-URU to LAHMU: (+) 6800 - (-) 6400 YP

2g2a1e. ALALU to ANU: (-) 6400 - (-) 6000 YP

2g2b. the second aeon: (-) 8000 - (-) 6000 YP

2g2b1. the 5 ages of the second aeon (Lemuria in Oceania)

2g2b1a. homo-erectus (Eve): (-) 6000 - (-) 5600 YP

2g2b1b. australopithicus (Adam): (-) 5600 - (-) 5200 YP

2g2b1d. cromagnons (Cain): (-) 5200 - (-) 4800 YP

2g2b1d. neanderthals (Abel): (-) 4800 - (-) 4400 YP

2g2b1e. homo-sapiens (Seth): (-) 4400 - (-) 4000 YP

2g3. the vision of the Antarctican Ardepithicus

2g3a. the 15 "Popes" of the "Papal Court"

2g3b. the 7 aeons of the "Chief Executives"

2g3c. the division between homonids (Laurasia) and the kaf-ape (Gondwana)

2g3d. the super-continent of Pangea: prior to (-) 8000 YP

outro: Why there is only 1 Pope of the 5 "bund" Pythagorean Order of Death

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