the Pythagorean Order of Death

dedicated to restoring Atlantean Democracy

to: the Ancient Order of the Illuminated Knights

Greetings from the Pythagorean Order of Death. We are the enemies of lies. We have been watching you, and we are aware of your true identity and origins as a con-artist and fraud. You are attempting to mislead honest, innocent individuals with your faulty intelligence. We do not intend to allow this futile plot to continue.

By speaking in the plural, the individual hiding behind the screen-name "Requiem" craves attention. In reality, "Requiem" is only one individual with a superiority complex. He believes himself more evolved, and seeks to evolve others in the same way he believes he has evolved himself. But is a lemming a worthy leader? He, acting alone, has created this group for his own alter-egos, calling it the "Ancient Order of Illuminated Knights." It is not "Ancient." It is not an "Order." It is not the "Illuminati." Its members are not "Knights." Aside from obvious lies, there is nothing of any substance being presented by "Reqiuem." His claims are false. His arrogance is foolish and ugly. "Requiem," as all false "Illuminists," presents his data-set piece-meal, providing only a small sample of his honest beliefs before requiring prostrations of loyalty to him, personally. "Reqiuem" and those who would seek to follow him are nothing but misguided idiots. The "Armeggedon Conspiracy" website, from which he borrows his beliefs, is not, nor has it ever been, a legitimate source of factual information. It, as well as "Requiem" in its name, adheres strictly to disinformation and falsifications about others typical of second-hand gossip.

For these reasons, the POD hereby denounces the "Ancient Order of Illuminated Knights" (the IOKAM by another name) as well as its proprietor, "Requiem" (Nilson Aime by another name). For lack of originality in presentation, for flagrant theft and misrepresentation of the theories and beliefs of others to twist these to personal gain, and for being an enemy of honesty and facts, the POD hereby banish and exile from our ranks any who adhere to, believe in and who follow loyaly the false teachings of this sham, con-artist and fraud calling himself "Requiem Illuminatus." To all those who have been misled by "Requiem" and his claims of an "Ancient Order of Illuminated Knights," we bind you against your own false beliefs. We are the Pythagorean Order of Death and, as we said, we are the enemies of lies. To "Requiem" personally: consider this your second warning. If you do not desist in your strategies and motives, we will expose your own background to your followers. The truth will topple your house of cards, and set your loyal slaves free. Therefore, be wary of your next action. It will determine the course of your entire fate.

from: the Pythagorean Order of Death

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Note produced by: -N- Illuminated Philosopher 

This is the main question that I have been asking myself ever since first encountering them on cyber-space. It seems that they claim to be the Pythagorean Illuminati. The POD describe themselves as a group of evolved psychics who use the Enochian Communications System to attain international ESP.  Enochian is a name often applied to an occult or angelic language recorded in the private journals of John Dee and his colleague Edward Kelley in late 16th century England. Dee straddled the worlds of science and magic just as they were becoming distinguishable, and Kelley was a spirit medium who worked with Dee in his magical investigations. The men claimed that the language was revealed to them by ''angels''. 

So the POD basically uses occult or angelic language systems - i.e Enochian language systems in order to gain international ESP (extrasensory perception: perception or communication outside of normal sensory capability, as in telepathy and clairvoyance.) According to the Armageddon Conspiracy website (The Site of the Pythagorean Illuminati) Telepathy functions in the realms of the r = 0 domain, i.e the domain where all mental phenomena are interconnected. A psychic works based on this principle. The psychic tunes in with the r = 0 domain and then makes a connection with the mind of the experimenter and extracts all of the data present in the experimenter's thoughts concerning the forthcoming event. He scans the r = 0 domain for anyone whose thoughts contain information about the same event. When the psychic finds a ''match'', he then places a particular location, or action in the person's mind as a subconscious suggestion. 

The person then goes to the event, or performs the action that is implanted in his mind by the psychic. 

the experimenter notes the person's description and realizes to his astonishment that the description exactly matches the one provided earlier by the psychic. He concludes that the psychic has seen the future. 

Of course, the psychic didn't see the future: he constructed it, using information and processes available to him (and indeed everyone else) via the r = 0 domain. That is how telepathy functions as stated by the AC website.

                                   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 As for the POD it can be concluded that they claim to be using the Enochian Communications System (ECS) in order to achieve a system of international Extrasensory Perception (ESP) - i.e telepathy on a global scale. Not to say that this is an impossibility, however it is a rather interesting goal. As for the other goals of the POD, they claim they would like to restore atlantean democracy. As stated by the POD this can be achieved by offering donations to their cause, however they do not really state where the rest of this money will go to, the only clue of that they hint at is that their goals will expand and your money will be re-applied towards other-funds. 

My question regarding this matter is what other funds would the money be re-applied to? The POD do not really give any clear statement regarding where funds are directly heading towards. As for the Pythagorean Illuminati, they have made themselves very blunt about where their funding is headed, it is merely headed to establish the New World Meritocratic Order. They have clearly outlined this on the AC website. 

With this stated the POD need to express the information regarding funding for their projects in a more blunt manner. Stating that funding is going into one massive goal would actually be clear enough, so long as the goal is outlined in a detailed manner. 

                             * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Letter to the POD (Pythagorean Order of Death) 

I have noticed your website as well as the amount of information produced in the youtube videos on the website. Although it is quite complicated to understand some of the material located on the videos, seeing as the articles of information are only expressed in youtube videos. As a recommendation I would highly advise you to provide articles on your website containing this information in extensive detail, along with adding revised videos outlining information regarding atlantean democracy, enochian language and symbolism, telepathy, the r = 0 domain, and how this fits in with using the enochian language system in order to create an international telepathic system. (This has already been discussed in one of the paragraphs I have typed in this post. Thus you can use that as one of the articles for your website.) 

Additionally the information regarding funding can also use some revision as stated in this post in one of the paragraphs above. Rather then having people giving you donations, how about you take note on what the AOI has done regarding funding for their main goal. The AOI have created ebooks online containing information (some of which had been mentioned on the AC website, and most of which has not), using that information they produced and sold these ebooks to people, via It would be highly effective towards gaining funding if you also produced some novels containing more of the information regarding what is on your videos and articles, and revealing some information that cannot be found on the website or the videos. Note: The videos should be in slideshow format, as well as containing some articles of information. An example of this format can be seen in videos produced by the readers of the AC website: (Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati) (The Meritocracy Party) (Illlumination - Complete Mathematics) (The End of The Global Power Elite) 

                                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Your website can also use some improvements in the aspects of design, logos, and color-scheme. I will advise you to make the site more mature looking site with a color scheme similar to that of the AC website. Also the it would look very mature and professional if you utilized the same format for your articles as we use on our facebook page.  If you would like me to assist you in producing such a site then I would be glad to assist. 

As for your claims of being ''The Pythagorean Illuminati'' as made in this statment you sent to our page: Greetings from the ''Pythagorean Illuminati''. You are not considered the Pythagorean Illuminati until otherwise proven. If you can provide enough evidence of those claims to be considered true then you deserve to be called that title. Otherwise you are claiming plagerism by taking the Pythagorean Illuminati's name. 

Hopefully this information and suggestions assist you in the aspects of becoming a more mature looking society. 

Regards -N- Illuminated Philosopher

my replies::

1) to be fair, your claims are false. The statements on our "donate button" which nobody has ever used are clear enough, the views in the videos are not "only on youtube" but are provided in ebooks (linked in the descriptions of the videos on youtube, also which nobody ever seems to read), and as far as "mature" looking color-schemes and themes imitating another existent site, no thanks. The POD is the work being described by the AOI, although they are spreading disinfo about our group and its works. Therefore, asking for their false claims to be proven true is simply foolish. Please investigate us more thoroughly, before making any public recommendations about us. You are of course, free to contact us directly any time, rather than posting uninformed opinions on your own site. We tried with you, but you never replied. PEACE.

2) perhaps you will find these links helpful:

definition of the "ECS":

torrent of all POD ebooks:

4shared of each:

some POD ebooks available on POD.ning:

the definition of "Atlantean Democracy":

the meaning of and reason for the POD color-scheme:

playlist of videos about the POD's beliefs:

Thanks for your time and interest in the POD material. PEACE.

3) for the record, this is the current statement on our un-used "donate button" :: "The purpose of the first Church-Bank of Lemuria is to fund the restoration of Atlantean Democracy. By contributing to this cause at this point, you are only helping to off-set the cost of hosting this website. Ultimately, however, our goals will expand, and your money may at that time be re-applied to other funds. Thank you for reading this. You may now have one nice day. to learn more about the Lemurian banking system: to learn more about Atlantean Democracy: website being funded (as of 2010): " Also for the record, the POD has no direct affiliation with the "Armeggedon Conspiracy" website, although we are aware of their false claims about us. We (and I personally) find it sad when people prefer to believe lies and to attack truth for reasons that do not apply to it, accusing it of being "evil" for being the same substance as their own beliefs: Fiction. PEACE.

okay, firstly, your concept of "becoming god" is based on 5 steps, the last of which is bio-engineering. Does this mean your concept of "god" is equivalent to anyone capable of genetic manipulation? Because if so, that contradicts the generally accepted definition of "god" as being essentially an "omnipotent" and "omniscient" universal-sentience, and would seem to align your own definition of "god" as "evolution of the mind and the physical taken to its very limit" with simply an alien species, such as the "greys" (conceivably our own species from one possible future) who are supposedly being established as the basis for pantheism by Sumerologists in accord with Zecharia Sitchin's translation of the "lost book of Enki." In which case, you worship aliens, yet have no real understanding of their actual nature.

secondly, the third step you posit as the "balancing between the left and right hemispheres of the brain," but again you have no true comrpehension of the cause for this apparently binary-dualistic pattern. The "perfect balance" or center point you are advocating focusing on between the hemispheres is the long-touted as the "seat of the soul" pineal-gland in the exact center of the cerebral organ. In the same format as a fibonacci (or "phi") spiral, the brain maybe seen as evolving outward and around itself from this central node, and as such, be depicted as similar to the model of the evolution of the entire cosmos, which, by many accounts, presently resembles the neuron fabric of the cerebrum at the level of inter-galactic filaments. In such a comparison, the pineal-gland would be alike the "big bang" or local-universal origin point, the oft-called "reptilian" hind-brain would be equivalent to the division of the 4 elemental forces (gravity, electromagnetism, fission and fusion) in the early cosmos, the likewise "mammalian" mid-brain would be alike the cosmos at "critical mass" prior to beginning its aparent (although illusory) "expansion" phase, and the "human" fore-brain would be alike the universe as it appears to astronomers today. The concept of balancing the left and right hemispheres is an artificial genocentric projection of implied dualism, and as such a "straw-man," falsely assumed to be universally accepted, however only posited as an artifical obstacle to  be overcome.

thirdly, the remaining "true steps to becoming God" you posit are, presented by you out of order, the three basic first steps of the ancient and accepted mystery schools, expressed modernly as Free Masonry (presented here in their correct order): 1) stating "evolution of the mind" as an intended goal, 2) studying "complete mathematics," and 3) entering the domain via NDE and OBE of the "unconscious state." If you've ever studied the Blue Lodge degrees of craft Masonry, you would recognize the right proper order for these practices.

fourthly, if your intended goal is to impress upon me your own level of sophistacation in the art of abstract logical discourse, it would benefit you to not attmept to disprove my negative assertion by shifting the burden of proving your positive assertion to me, WHILE accusing ME of using logical fallacies. It makes you look intellectually hyocritical, while sacrificing - intentionally or not - your moral high-ground of general audience efficacy in your initial assertion by appearing either ignorant or dishonest, or at worst, both. Being as how I already know you for a liar, not least of all to yourself, I have no qualms with publicly pointing out your mistakes, as I am only being honest and simply stating my opinions.

fifthly, it is not my duty to school you, so I will be keeping careful track of my precious time which I could otherwise more wisely spend that is being instead wasted on doing so for your own benefit, and entirely without thought of recompense. If you speak an untruth, I will correct you. You don't need to thank me, just try to learn from it what you can. I don't mean to sound like a reprimanding disciplinarian, but you do bore me. You (by any of your many sock-account pseudenyms) are not anything like the true "Perfected Kings of Mankind" envisioned by Weishaupt; more like an internet glitterati papparazi than an "illuminati." You could benefit if you stopped chasing your own tail. I only speak honest truth. PEACE. - Jon

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