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"the Enochian Communications System"



some schematics and commentary


Here we see the earth, tilted to 23.5 degrees relative to the "straight" solar radiation (deriving from off page left), and its surrounding EM fields.


Here we see all the essential components of the Enochian Communications System.

the three main components of the ECS today are:

1) the karmic centres: The karmic centres are places where earth's inherent EM signature aura is drawn unnaturally toward and around man-made constructs, causing an influx (such as at the Kabba stone) or occlusion (such as the Bermuda triangle). These can be any scale and malleability as well of course, from the pyramid mounds of China to the tiniest voodoo doll. However generally we measure these based on quantity of distortion effect. For example Stone Henge would rank very high. So would HAARP in Alaska. A voodoo doll, no matter how effective, would rank very low.

2) the ley lines: The ley lines connect these karmic centres, such that actual electromagnetic field lines surrounding the earth pass invisibly through the sacred locations as do the electro-chemical impulses travel through our nervous system between pressure points and the chakras. As the electromagnetic field of the earth coils up arround itself due to the combination of rotation or revolution of our planet, the EM field lines pass through the karmic pressure points and chakras of the earth's own soul.

3) the satellites: The satellites are, in this go-around, metal with silicon melted sand and melted oil plastic resin microchip computer processors built into them to perform simple robotic tasks such as relaying pulsed electromagnetic signals. There is some theory in the past that the use of stones as ships themselves was possible, since some of the rock contained high basalt content and could float on the receding flood waters of the last ice age.


the MPDR on the ECS

D. the Akashic records

The akashic records are a relatively recently revived concept deriving originally from the ancient far east. Edgar Cayce, the twentieth century psychic said that he derived his ability to read people's past lives from the akashic records. According to Cayce, he had learned of the akashic records in the same way Madame Blavatsky, the nineteenth and early twentieth century theosophist had, on journeys made to the orient in the east, in particularly from tantric yogic sanskrit documents. Besides these two there is no writing on the akashic records known to western society, and there are no translations of the sanskrit documents they claimed to have read into English or any other language. The documents themselves have allegedly been lost. Madame Blavatsky was considered a dubious character in her time, as was Edgar Cayce in his, and it is possible that the documents both were referring to were actually nothing more than the works of nineteenth century Russian novelist J.I. Gurdjief. However even these contain no mention of the akashic records per se, and so one is led to wonder how these two independent authorities came to discover the same descriptive terminology for a concept that no one else seemed to share.

It may be better to begin the history of this concept a little further back, with Ezekial's vision of the ophanim wheels, or even the Old Testament apocrypha of Enoch, preserved to this day by the jews of Ethiopia. These are accounts of visions of the heavens, and in particular of the mechanisms of their cycles. They differ from the Sumerian books of Enki in that they are more calendrical in nature, establishing patterns and cycles for the seasons. With the accounts of these perceptions begins the true recording of the history of the akashic records, which were, at the time, only known as the cycles of the heavens. The Egyptians, and later the Christians, would have large scale descriptions of the components of the heavens and their cycles, in great detail, however both of their calendars were as though frozen in time: the Egyptians set by the alignments of their megaliths to 12,500 years ago, the Christian gregorian calendar pivoting around the year zero, some 2000 years ago.

Meanwhile all the faiths the world over have always promoted the idea of an afterlife, and we believe this belief to date back as far as ritualized burial, practised even by Australopithecines, the first hominids. Thus, the temporal cycles of the extraterrestrial heavens have become associated by most faiths with the heaven of man, where the spirit goes after the physical body dies.

Thus, this could be called the akashic records: the sum over histories that is the multiverse of all matter-energy of the universe over its entire duration, measured as dimensions by the vector of geometry. It amounts to the exact location of any point in history, and insofar as these can be linked together, was the basis for Cayce's past life readings.

It can therefore be subdivided into constituent sections from the universal singularity through the gravitational singularities, through the galactic bubbles, through all the stars of the galaxies, through any planets of any star and so on and so on, through into the categorizing of information units themselves right down to the smallest tachyon. Doing so creates a perception of the temporal pattern of the heavens such as described by Enoch.

E. the Enochian system

There are also two origins of the Enochian system. One is the calendrical cycle described by the Ethiopian Hebrew prophet Enoch. The other is the system of the ayres described by the fourteenth century Elizabethan England skryers John Dee and Edward Kelley. The cycle described by Enoch is simple enough. It establishes many of the same calendrical features still in use today, such as the twelve months of the year, with both name, sign and dekan, and the four seasons. One feature of the Dee and Kelley system is in complete agreement with the elder system in these regards, giving angelic banners to the months and assigning Godly names as angelic dekans to each. Beyond this the Dee and Kelley skryings provide even greater insights into the temporal workings of our heavens, incorporating extrapolations of the four elemental forces as the four cardinal directional watchtowers at the corners of the universe. The Dee and Kelley model unwinds the shemhamforash of the 72 dekans of ten days and ten nights each, three per each of the twelve signs of the zodiac, including three positions for each determined by astrological alignments over an elemental grid. It is a very complex system, giving the names of a host of angels as the arcing intersections of letters within placed upon the grid of this cycle and assigning them into the multiple levels of spheres of the 30 ayres. While neither the names of the months and signs given by Enoch, nor the importance of the letters skryed by Dee and Kelley seems to have held up, the systems with which they measured are still out there today, and can still be used to understand the cycles of the heavens and the place of our moment in this universe.

Think of the akashic records as the contraction of the same medium as the Enochian system is the expansion. While the akashic records provide information from without, the Enochian system derives information from within. Both are merely movement on the geometry of the QBLH, which is phi/pi. Therefore the akashic records and the Enochian system represent all the same things: the universal singularity, the gravitational singularities, the galactic bubbles, the coiling electromagnetic fields of stars, and so on and so on down to the sorting of information itself down to the smallest tachyon. Think of the akashic records as what is being accessed, and the Enochian system that is used to access them.

1. the satellite telecommunications system

Whatever demiurge or guiding principle there may be in the universe, the satellite telecommunications system is made by and for humanity. Like stonehenge it will stand as testimony to the greatness of the human mind. Its usage, on the other hand, seems to be unanimously agreed upon as contributing more often to human stupidity. This is through no fault of its own, for every ingenious component of these beautiful scientific marvels functions accurately to perform their goal. It is only because of politics between the people on the surface of the earth that these are used in the ways that they are.

One type of satellite is the military satellite. These observe and have very strong camera lenses, capable of reading license plates on cars. Some of these are the left over Star Wars satellites from the 1980's, that have laser guidance targeting systems for destroying intercontinental ballistic missiles. These were never used, and will probably eventually become flotsam. A popular theory among some citizens of America, the country that constructed these kind of satellites, is that they contain scalar wave technology. Some evidence for this, as well as its usage, derives from those seeking legal suit against the military and the state for secret projects involving the ongoing use of microwave frequency transmission from satellites for use in mind control.

The more popular kind of satellites are those used in telecommunications by large, international capitalist corporations such as television, telephone and internet service providers. These carry all the frequencies of mainstream culture in the air waves high above the heads of the secured and insulated masses, while outside the ridiculous garbage noise of our culture over the span of history since we first put satellites in space reaches out into the vacuum of the electromagnetic background radiation of the universe, screaming life on planet earth to all our surrounding neighbors. When you surf the net, when you channel surf, when you turn the radio dial, you are traveling through frequencies broadcast by these beacons.

There are also satellites sent up by the various space programs of the nations of the earth for the purpose of conducting different types of research project and conveying various different types of survey. Some of these look down and monitor such things as the weather, tectonic continental pressures, pollution from population densities, and exotic ecosystems. Others are aimed outward and make measurements on such things as background radiation levels of the universe, a survey of galaxies, or, like the hubble space telescope, send back direct observational data from extra-planetary objects. Some are simply internally motivated, containing biological experiments to be recollected later, or measurement equipment for telling the difference between the time inside the satellite from the time at the launch site for coordination of the alignments of windows. Some are simply time capsules sent up by lucky classes of children. Others contain plutonium.

The space shuttle is the vehicle used to deliver many of these satellites into space, while rockets are launched off containing others inside a breakaway shell. The space shuttle is an enormous airplane that is attached to a fuel tank and two jet boosters to propel it beyond earth's atmosphere faster than the pull of gravity. After the shuttle is outside of the atmosphere, the fuel tank and thrusters break off and become space flotsam. The use of solid fuel rocket propulsion systems such as are used in the space shuttle boosters has been common practise since the German blitzkrieg of England in the 1930s.

There is also an international space station in orbit around the earth, and there are astronauts living inside of it right now, at the very moment I am writing these words. This is merely the newer, collaborative replacement for the Russian space station, Mir, which had been in space at least twenty years before it was decommissioned. Currently the astronauts that live on the station are competing to break one another's records for longest time spent in the microgravity conditions of outer space.

a. the global communications system

Perhaps the primary purpose for the satellite technology in orbit around the earth is telecommunications. This is the goal to link all members of society to one another through mechanical media. Control of these media may, themselves, be able to fit in the palm of one's hand, however they are becoming increasingly reliant on the satellite telecommunication system, as people demand greater and greater coverage areas for their chosen connectivity to each other. This process is known as globalization, and this is a multicultural and societal pattern that is going on all over the world now. It is an agenda of the united nations, who encourage it be taught in schools, and that it incorporate equal rights for women and minorities. It is the cultural phenomenon of mediated press coverage of international events, more of which is offered with the more expensive services.

b. the pop culture simulacrum

Meanwhile, the cultural phenomenon equivalent to this is the grossing of the classes of the masses into the aggregate mainstream. This attempts to appeal to people from all walks of life, and to sell them further acculturations for their affectations. Its sum and substance is the pop-culture simulacrum.

In the 1930's there was a disagreement between the aryan Germans and the German Jews over the value of the human soul that led to the six billion slaughtered Jews of the holocaust. This led to the capitalist culture's cold war with the communist Soviet Union. The argument of both was the dollar as being a representative simulacrum or symbolic token exchange system of nothing greater than an addictive substance such as a drug. Nowadays, many people have caught onto this idea, and are forced to part with their foolish identification of themselves with their money, for the value of a person is not expressed by his or her worth to the economy. This does not mean that the same parties who promoted drugs and money as being relative have not continued to make their insinuations about the constitution of the soul of a person as being relative to some chemical substance or other, because there is little difference between the value of the human soul to the economy and the puff of smoke from a cigarette.

People still assert their personal desires on reality, few realizing what agendas they might be triggering the furtherance of, even fewer caring that these should benefit their fellow people. This is merely the pop culture simulacrum. It doesn't matter if you are real or not. You are only as important as a number, one out of an unknown amount. The system can be bent as much as it bends you, and to use it is like looking long into the face of the abyss, for it is looking just as long into you.

to learn more about the Enochian Communications System, visit the forum, here.

this information is all © 2004- Jonathan Barlow Gee

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the Enochian Communications System
of the Pythagorean Order of Death

The Enochian System, or ECS for short, is what allows telepaths to communicate instantly even at opposite ends of the globe. In this lecture, I shall explain how.

Let us begin with Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), a late Dutch contemporary of the Englishman John Dee. Kepler studied the 5 regular solids that can be formed from the 3 regular polygons, the so-called "Platonic" solids, as well as the 13 "Archemdean" solids, formed by "truncating" the sides and edges or "snubbing" the corners of the 5 regular solids. Kepler used his knowledge of these geometries to plot maps, such as this, and to study astronomy, which we will discuss shortly.

The geometry Kepler used for his cartography was elementary arcs depicting the split globe, it having only recently been re-disocvered that the world was round. However, there were, even at that time, far more sophisticated methods of plotting courses on maps, but not in Europe. In the Turkish Ottoman empire and Moorish Spain, they preserved maps, such as the Piri Reiss map and the Orontius Finnias map, that not only plotted more complex geometric methods of navigation, but also seem to depict an un-glaciated Antarctica.

Of course, we all know by now that not all maps are created equal. Here we see the 10 regions that the 50 United States are divided into by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA for short). It is widely known that many state parks and native tribal lands were gifted by the Federal gov't of the US to the United Nations, and that the UN turned these properties over to be managed by FEMA. Here we see a map of the United States of America depicting the exact locations of all (both confirmed and speculated) "deep underground military bases" (DUMBs for short) built on these national properties. Here we see the rectangular hallway of the Swedish navy's Musko base, which was built between 1950 and 1969. Compare this rectangular hallways to the cylindrical design of the "tunnel boring machines" (TBMs or "moles" for short) supposedly used to construct the DUMBs in the US. These have been used to build large underground facilities, such as those at the Grimsel Test Site in Bern, Switzerland, and the Yucca mountain, Nevada, repositories for nuclear waste storage. Comparing the US map of such nuclear waste disposal sites and the supposed locations of DUMBs may shed new light on research into the "dual use" of such facilities. Likewise for a global map of suspected DUMBs and this map showing the countries hosting CIA "black sites" used during George W. Bush's "extraordinary rendition" program for hiding the torture of POWs in Bush's self-proclaimed "War On Terror." The desire for DUMBs dates back to pre-NAZI Germany and the concept of Agartha, or the "Hollow Earth" theory.

However to return our attention to maps as they relate to the ECS, we must lastly consider the contribution to cartography of Richard Buckminster Fuller, who invented the "Dymaxion Projection" map to prove his discovery that the 7 continental "Tectonic Plates" can be graphed according to the geometry of the "cuboctahedron," one of the 13 Archamedean solids. Fuller also discovered this shape possesed a form of what he called "tensegrity" that allowed it to fold in on itself with a twisting motion, which "Bucky" called the "jitterbug" effect. When the cuboctahedron is graphed onto a sphere, it looks like three great arcs surrounding a cube, and Cuck Hoberman, a modern inventor, discovered this sphere-mapped shape mimics the expand and contraciblity of Fuller's "tensegrity" structures. In this toy based on Hoberman's designs, we can see the two types of hinges; those of the cube aspect are square, connecting 4 intersecting legs, and those of the octahedron are triangular, connecting 3 intersecting legs.

But what does all this have to do with the map of our planet? Lost sciences describe "telluric currents" of "orgone energy" connected in "ley lines" alike the 20 "meridians" of Reiki and Aryuveda, connecting the nerve-centres in the extremities to the 7 gangliae and plexi of nerve-clusters along the spine, the so-called "Chakras." These "ley lines" often follow underground rivers, and wherever they intersect are to be found ancient monuments. The alignments of these geoglyphs completes a pattern, alike Fuller's "dimaxion projection" map, that is unique from the regular system of lattitudes and longitudes.

What can be learned from the projection of the cuboctahedron onto the electro-magnetic field surrounding planet earth? From 1958 to 1970, Charles Hapgood proposed that the geographic location for the axis around which our planet rotates had been in no less than 4 different places over the last 80,000 years. The location of the "magentic" poles of earth's electrical field are still in motion to this day, and have moved thousands of miles in the past hundred years alone.

The complete combination of the intersections and cuboctahedronal field-lines of earth's electromagnetic field comprises what we call today the "Enochian Communications System," so-named for Enoch, who knew of this science from before the end of the last ice age and the glaciation of Antarctica, when many of the most ancient geoglyphs were aligned according to this pattern, but off-set to the past location of the geographic poles.

But this is only the surface of the inner-core of the "Enochian Communications System," the electromagnetic field of planet Earth. To understand how this field allows international telepathic communication, we must understand also how the "system" of our ego, psyche or mind works.

Maurits Cornellius Escher (1898 - 1972) came the closest to expressing this sytem in art during the 20th century. Like Kepler, some 300 years before, he studied the framework of the "Platonic" solids in order to see how they could be "nested" inside one another. Escher's work with infinitely limiting tesselation patterns paved the way for work with "chaos theory," fractals and "strange attractors." Much of this geoemtric science has been forwarded toward micro-engineering with intended use in telecommunications technology. Here we may see some of the first images by 21st geometres to study spherical mapping of infinitely limiting tesselations. This type of electromagnetic lattice surrounds the earth, and it is through this we can communicate to one another, even at vast distances, using mind alone.

The electromagnetic field of earth also acts as a buffer for our planet against stellar and interstellar cosmic radiation. The nearest star, or sun, provides the most source for such radiation, and its own electromagnetic field is cyclically linked to that of our own planet, earth, as well as those of the other planets in our solar system. As the sun rotates, its longitudinal field-lines between its poles gradually coil up into lattitudinal orientation, the direction of rotation of which is split along the equator. Ocassionally, these field-lines overlap one another, and the result are the flares and prominences of the so-called "sunspot" cycle.

Although little known, it is widely understood that the "sunspot cycle" of our star's coiling electromagnetic field-lines is timed to directly synchronise in its peak with the re-alignment of the magnetic and geographical poles of our own planet. Likewise, we see polar weather effects occuring on all the other planets in our solar system that may be explained by this process, such as the dual north-polar cyclones of Venus, the thawing and freezing of the north and south poles of Mars, the apparent conflagration of impacts on the north and south poles of earth's moon, the recent appearance of auroras in the north and south poles of Jupiter, and the as of yet unexplained presence of regular hexagons in the weather patterns of both the north and south poles of Saturn. These phenomenon all correspond to the theory of earth's own electromagnetic field being mapped as a cuboctahedron, effected in harmony with the other planetary and stellar electromagnetic fields.

Johannes Kepler also studied astronomy, and innovated on Copernican heliocentricism by proposing not only the now-proven law of variant velocities in an elliptical orbit, but also, in his work "Harmonia Mundi," the "music of the spheres," attempted to apply the "nesting" or imbedding of the Platonic solids within one another as a method of determining the distances of the planets orbits from the sun. Modern artist, Paul Laffoley, in his work geo-chron has presented an alternative application of the regular polygons to the influences of the planets, but it remains essentially similar to the thinking of Kepler's solids-embedded orbital model.

However, the Enochian Communications System, or ECS for short, that is used by Pythagorean telepaths to communicate globally, is based on the concept of the "hypercube" (or one cube "nested" inside another) combined with the "hypersphere," (or one sphere at the core of another). The outer-cubical element of the ECS is comprised of, in essence, the 4 "Watchtowers" of John Dee's "Enochian" system. These contain 156 cells each, and each cell contains a letter. Each of these letters occurs in a pattern across 30 "Ayres" or "Ethers" that surround earth. Each 7-letter "sigil" thus also corresponds to a location on the surface of earth.

Such is the sum and substance of the "Enochian Communications System" as it is known today. The outer cube is tesselated just as the outer-sphere, and the twin cubes of the "tesseract" have the same area, just as the tesselations mapped on the surface of the "torus" merely appear to taper off to infinity around its edges.

In past lectures, I have discussed the origins and methods of constructing the "Enochian System" of John Dee as it was used in the "Golden Dawn" cult. In future lectures, I will discuss the extension of this system as used as a lattice to relate all the elder methods of recollecting comsic cyclical patterns, from the I Ching to the Mayan calendar, all combined into a single form I call the "Atlantean" calendar.

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