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For many of us, it started back at the IOBB. For those who don't know, the IOBB was a forum for, a Floridian group with ties (loosely if not directly) to the late Solomon Tulbure (another self professed Illuminist). I believe I registered in 2005, possibly 10 years ago to this very day if Im not mistaken (I don't recall the exact date, I think I just recall something like 3-3-5 on my signup date), and I was one of the earlier members (possibly #33, not exactly sure).

That IO was managed by 4 individuals, Merrick, Tawney, Methos and Dharma. I actually had the opportunity to speak with Methos by phone, whom I recall being polite. The curriculum was essentially based on Ayn Rand's Objectivism spliced with Multi-Level-Marketing and Stephen Covey material. There were 7 grades, with the 4 being the only of level 7, or grandmaster. Some of us, like myself, quickly accelered to level 6, or master level. Usually progress along the grades was done through personal study, but with the guidance of a mentor. In the beginning my mentor was IXO_Didymus, one of the earliest IOBB members (possibly something like #7). There were no political agendas, no rituals, nothing to resemble what many commonly ascribe to Illuminati. In order to be a grandmaster, you had to develop your own solo project, and there wasn't much more said than that.

The IOBB received a larger influx of people following in the next year or two. Many of us had met this way. All the original founders for POD were there. Gradually drawn were a number of other individuals ranging from freemasons (from various rites) to researchers, many curious about the authenticity of the order. The story about Supriem Rockefeller also largely started, or at least took off, from IOBB, more details on this will be shared momentarily.

Aside from study materials, there was little to be said for interaction with the IO outside the IOBB. The forum itself had brought a lot of people together, and a lot of interesting, and heated, discussions took place in that time. But the IO was not really central to that interaction, in fact the grandmasters basically took a backseat and after some a short time became distant and unresponsive. Benpadiah was very outspoken against this behavior, and after a time I found in indefensible as well. Eventually a great breakaway occurred, with many members, including most if not all the master level ones, leaving. This began as early as 2006 and drew out into 2007, if I am being accurate. In the end the forum seemed to be closed and contact with the original 4 was lost, which marks a segway to another chapter.

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Take this except from

It comes as no surprise to us that a group calling itself the "Illuminati Order" has set up a website in which it seeks to recruit freethinkers to Ayn Rand's philosophy (see It is because of false groups like this, deliberately created by the enemy to discredit us, that the Illuminati's reputation has become so sinister in the public consciousness. In Ayn Rand's philosophy, tyrannical rule by monarchs is replaced by tyrannical rule by the super rich. On their site, the "Illuminati Order" direct interested parties to a collection of Rand's essays entitled The Virtue Of Selfishness. The title says it all. Selfishness is the antithesis of what the real Illuminati stand for. Grandmaster Weishaupt would be appalled to know his name is being linked to a group that supports everything he fought against.

Now take this excerpt from

After nearly 250 years, and following intense and lengthy debate, the Illuminati Order has decided to publicly abandon the Illuminati name.

This website was created in an effort to reclaim the Illuminati name from conspiracy theorists and others not cognizant of the true nature and purpose of the IO. But alas, it was too late.

More than a decade has passed since the IO established an Internet presence and the situation has only worsened. Most people have refused to believe what the IO said about itself. They preferred to believe the lies that continue to permeate the World Wide Web. It is now the official opinion of the IO leadership that the name is irretrievably lost to the ignorant masses and the weak, whining morons that want unearned wealth and fame. To the latter, the IO never has and never will support moochers and looters!

How similar is their mentality?

Look at this:

Let's assume, until cleared up otherwise, than ~N~ Illuminated Philosopher is Nillson Aime, who is IXO_Didymus. There are a number of illuminati, pythagoean, and pythagorean illuminati entities out there that could just as easily have been picked for a post like that. Why POD? Normally they are utterly scathing, so why hold back?

From the post: 


"Hopefully this information and suggestions assist you in the aspects of becoming a more mature looking society. 

Regards -N- Illuminated Philosopher" 

One of Nillson's last critique of the POD was that it was too fringe.

"As for your claims of being ''The Pythagorean Illuminati'' as made in this statment you sent to our pageGreetings from the ''Pythagorean Illuminati''. You are not considered the Pythagorean Illuminati until otherwise proven. If you can provide enough evidence of those claims to be considered true then you deserve to be called that title. Otherwise you are claiming plagerism by taking the Pythagorean Illuminati's name."

Again, until proven otherwise, let's assume N is Nillson.



"Henceforth, the IO will continue under a completely different name. Those with eyes to see, a mind open to the truth and a heart attuned to the same purpose will find it. They always have.

Carpe lucem!"

See how often the phrase "eyes to see" appears in Armageddon Conspiracy writings, or in those of branches from that group.

How different are all these people really?

When Wes Penre began releasing his exposition on Supriem Rockefeller, these were the sources available to him:

Supriem himself, his graphic designer, or one of us here. The only other information on Supriem that was publicly available before the IOBB days was a page (there may have been more than one), that basically described the air force base story, thats all.

When the Armageddon Conspiracy site first came out, the writings on there developed rapidly. They covered a lot of topics, but it was lined with so much vitriol to be of any use.

Listen. All that infomation they claim to have and safeguard, any of which that is actually worthwhile, is completely independent of that organization itself, and can be found elsewhere. All that steady research, knowledge and workings of the soul, I and others have done the same thing before them. No one needs anything from them. The world doesn't need them.

I will break it down plainly. There isn't an old, or new, order. Its essentially the same. These people are no different than who they speak against, and therefore are utterly useless for change.

Why are the armageddon conspiracy illuminists useless?

How many years have you all been public now? Something like 5? What have you accomplished since then? You think you really know how people get whipped up into action?

Arab Spring, Belarus, Singapore, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, the South China Sea, Occupy, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, India, China (HK at least) I'd give a fuller list if I wasn't going off the top of my head.

Where were you? 

Since late 2007, I have basically dissolved my internet presence, at least in so far as becoming unnapproachable. A lot of the stuff I have just written about I simply wanted to leave behind, and in my own way I did. But it never really went away, it just expanded. IO expanded with AC, Supriem expanded with Wes Penre, GD expanded with repeating history, Agnaw expanded by ignoring history. But these things that expanded will shrink. They grew only to fall apart, and if you don't think they've fallen apart you would still be hard pressed to demonstrate they are going anywhere as of now, and I should know because I was there with it all this whole time.

I have condensed information spanning some 10 years for the reader. Why? Some of this information is now gone, or is very hard to find and even then only if you ask the right people or look in the right places. People spend untold amounts on time on forums or elsewhere talking about these topics, but are caught unable to see through the mystery, and don't find an answer. Some people also spend untold amounts of time with secret societies and initiates, only to lead to controversy and malfeasance. 

Things were very different before. There is so much more information accesible now than there was when I went through these events. People don't have to waste time like I or others may have. Look how I spent today writing this all, now its out there and hopefully I have closure with most of it.

But things are also different in a good way, if you've paid attention to the trends of the past many years like I have, so don't lose hope.

By my concealment, in this time, I could hardly be watched, and yet there was much I saw before it even happened. As the world was changing, I could have told you how it would be.

To any readers, I hope any of this was helpful.

To a special reader, my favorite, thank you. When you came in to my life, I knew a long wait was over. I did my best to keep us hidden, because I wanted us to share our lives together in peace. I'll be seeing you <3


Please excuses any lapses in grammar or spelling, I basically wrote this all in a span of about 6 hours with little time between posts

In light of some recent feedback, I want to clarify something.

I personally do not endorse the groups or methodologies referenced above, rather I am hoping my expriences would dissuade others from pursuing them. From my perspective, they have little or nothing of value to offer. I am hoping the conveyed theme would be to not place undue trust, faith or effort in these things, and rather to be more self reliant in "spiritual" growth. I originally thought this idea went without saying but I guess I assumed wrong.

There is a lot of context intentionally left out. For instance, I grew up in a very secular background, and there were moments in my early adulthood where I began to consider spiritual, if not religious, pursuits. I never took up religion per se, but I did take interest in the esoteric occidental traditions. A lot of this to me was related to philosophy, history, and politics, which were my greater interests up to the times in which these events took place, and in many ways still are. Additionally, the events of my life following these events, are more or less of another trajectory altogether. Though its not something I feel is necessary to explain, I will just say it has been better.

More plainly, I can say it like this, I have been much better off not being some initiate to some group or another, I have been better off without "spiritual beings" to support me, and I have been better off turning to more personalized and self reliant approaches to life. I also have been better off by expanding the ways I try to do good for others and our world, and these efforts can be rewarding in themselves and I strongly encourage others to find ways in which they can do so also. After all, this place, these times, they need it! You, yes you, can do something great to help. Please, give it a shot.

If there is any such group that I might support, it might be POD because: 

1) Jon is my friend, and I've known him for a good while, about 10 years now, and I trust him not to do what these other groups or individuals have done.

2) Technically being one of the founders, I am sort of by default connected with it, even as I've done my best to seclude myself for the past near 8 years, to the point where I've been mostly irrelevant in POD affairs.

But don't take it as proselytizing, I more or less just happen to be here.

Reading and writing has been interesting and nostalgic and current events have been very eventful. Still, time passes by and there's much work to be done, many obligations to fulfill. This train of occurrences is more like a side quest, whereas I have the main road ahead of me. My parents are getting on in their years, they may need my help more. It's also long overdue for me to settle down, start a family of my own. To support any of them I ought to bolster my career options, further studies may play a role. As I grow older too I have my own health to consider more and take care of. So much to stay busy with that deserves full attention, so don't wait up in the meantime and stay safe.

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